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Why this petition matters

Hello, my name is Veronica Johnson Wallace,

    As some of you may have heard or may not have heard, the Ride KC is making some significant changes to their bus routes and availability for the public. Now although change is good, some changes should not come at the cost of affecting those that depend on this type of transportation so negatively. I have lived near the 9th bus stop (1/2 block) for about 15 years and I depend on this bus to get me to and from doctor appointments, important meetings, grocery shopping and over all weekly and/or daily errands. To remove this bus from the stop near my house would cause me Much Stress because of my health. I have Osteoarthritis in my knees, Edema in my legs, from the thighs on down and Plantar Fasciitis in my feet. so to require me to walk as far as 12th street and/or Independence Avenue would cause more pain for me. There are several disabled people in the neighborhood. 

   So you see, this Petition is not just about my health but the those that I have spoken with in my community that also ride this bus. We all are very frustrated and heart broken by these changes. Most of us do'n have the extra funds for the shared ride services. Most of our families work and can not assist us with consistent rides as we need it, this is why having our bus functionable helps us to keep our independence.

     Now we understand that 2020 caused a major change for everyone but what we've done over the last couple of years, coming together to help those in need. I have seen how the City of Kansas City has offered Free Bus Rides to help those who can't afford the fare during this economic state we're in. I ask you all to Please, let's not get away from the unity and support that was built during the height of this pandemic. 

   Here in 2022, we are faced with even more challenges as we go from one situation to another. I have looked and read and talked to several drivers and I know there are not as many as it used to be. They are dealing with a lot of inside Covid Situations like all of the other jobs. But the cost of all of this is very HIGH for the citizens, especially the Disabled.

   This petition is to keep the buses that are needed to continue to run on their respective routes. This helps those that are in need of transportation to not have to find a way to pay major out of pocket expenses that they can't afford. 

**Here is a link for the buses/routes affected**


    If need be, lets communicate about this so that we can come to a solution that will help the citizens of our Great city of Kansas City but also Ride KC.

    While we all understand the times that we are in and what we all have to deal with pertaining to this pandemic, Your Support is GREATLY needed and Appreciated. 

   PLEASE sign and share this petition with others. You can also email them at wehearyou@kcata.org. You can also write them at kcata, 1200 e 18th street, kansas city, mo 64108. You can also message them on their facebook page, RideKC.

      I have seen that if there is enough voices to be heard, change can happen.

Thank You,

Veronica Johnson Wallace


66 have signed. Let’s get to 100!