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Petitioning The Courts, The Father, all who are involved in our case!


There are my three Boys who were taken from me close to 7 yrs ago, they were 2, 4, & 6 yrs old when this started and now they are 9, 11, 13 yrs old.
Their father was accused by my children of molestation, and I was persent durning most of all the physical abuse, I sought help for my children through ploice, social services, investagators, courts, and NOTHING was ever done to help them or us,
in 2006 I asked the courts to place a CFI on our case, because I could not afford a Attorney and he had one, a long time family friend, anyway the Judge granted my request, what a mistake that was, his Attorney was ordered to find her, and so he did, someone he knew very well and for many years. this person became my worst nightmare, she made up many lies about me, say I was capable of killing my children, I was mentally ill, she said I have Maunchhausens by proxy, I was a drug addict AND SO MUCH MORE,, and that I coached my children to lie about their father. she also states in her reports that their father is the perfect parent and that he has NO CRIMINAL HISTORY, well this is not true, for 1. he did this to his 1st wife in 93, took their daughter from her mother, with this same Attorney, said word for word about her that they did me, and won full custody of her, there were several reports made during the time she lived with her father and 3 other wives, NOTHING WAS DONE, then he meet me in 97,I was wife # 5, but I was told I was wife # 2, I was also told her mother was dead, so I helped raise this child as my own, until I got a nock on the door a few years later and it was her mother, after hearing her side, sadly I did not believe her and I thought he was trying to protect his daughter from this crazt lady, I had NEVER been though anything like this before so I believed my Husband of course, after that I started seeing things from him myself, the belt spankings, the slaps in the mouth, the kicks to the tummy, and the ovious sexual behaviors from this child, his daughter did go to the school social workers many times, I went to social sevices, and by this time I had my first son by him and preganant with my second, I tried to get out and help, but he would threaten to take my son and I would never see him again, and pollice, social services, no one would help, at this point the mom is fighting for her back as well, but their father and his Attorney have everyone and everything on their side, his daughter finally ran away after her father put her in a mental clinic, I went and got her out and helped her run, he got the ploice involved and they allowed her to remain with her mother, until court, the court ordered her back to her father, unfortunately she came back 12 years old and preganant, where we lived, we had an unfinished basement, he would make her stay down there with nothing, and refused her any contact with her mother, he continued to make plans to take her baby away from her and raise her, IT WAS A GIRL'''' where we lived was a farm land all around us, there was nothing for miles up on miles, and dark and snowy, this little girl got out her window in the middle of the night and ran for help, 6 months preganant and 12 years old. her mother drove 3 hours away to pick her up, the courts finally did something and ordered her to remain with her mother and charged her father with CHILD ENDANGERMENT, he was also ordered to have supervised visitation, he never went to one, this all took place in 2003, the next 2 years we lived a life of hell with him, 16 calls to wheatridge police, but there was NO BLOOD OR VISIBLE BRUISING, so there was nothing they could do. NO PROOF OF ABUSE. in 2005 is when my youngert, my baby came and said what Daddy was doing to him, then durning investagation the other two addmitted it was happening to them as well, so the courts gave us a restrainning order keeping him away from us, but he did'nt, the harrassment and threats to kill us were constent, when this CFI was place on our case she went behind my back and had the restrainning orders dropped, you may ask how can that happen without you being there, well she is supposed to inform me of any and all motions filed to the courts so that I have the right to be there, well they did not inform me, but told the courts they did, so of course I was not present, this happened 7 times, I am not an Attorney, never being through this I have NO CLUE what the hell is going on, so it was dropped and now he can see my children in her office, hard to believe this CFI and my ex-husband start seeing eachother, I motion the courts ,but they don't believe me, the day of our trail 9-21-2006 I have over 25 witnesses, my boys Dr who had witnessed and reported abuse, school teachers, Counsolers, school principle,Social workers who were on our side and belived that my boys were molested and abused, and more... but his Attorney was very close with the Judge, they had known eachother from Law school, his Attorney lied to the Judge saying he did not know of all my witnesses, and asked the Judge to STRICK all my witnesses and exibits, and the Judge in 2 minutes granted his request. I have nothing to fight back with, at the end of a two day beating on the stand, the CFI testifed that I was unfit, and that the best interest for my children would be to grant full custody to their father That day I lost my three boy's I was forced to hand them over to their father, and that was the last time my children have been home, or had any kind of life with their mother, there are more hours in a week, then I have had with my children in 6 1/2 years,how can this be okay considering in 2003, he lost custody of his daughter due to these same issues, after everything they gave me 1 hr supervised visitation and 2, 1 hr theriputic visitation per week. and so it was done. that was 6 1/2 years ago. I have yet to have 3 hrs per week, I have yet to have even my court ordered time, I have went one years with no contact what so ever with my children, I get one visit hr per week if I am lucky, their father controls everything and the courts give him that power to do so. my children are brainwashed and controlled by their abuser/molester. In 6 1/2 years I have filed 389 motions to this court and all of them have been DENIED. I have lost everything, I owe $ 33, 900 in child support and don't even have a job. with this new granted judgement for this money I can face jail, I have battled cancer and many different illnesses durning this time and can't work like a normal person the stress, sadness and constent pain for my children has made it nearly impossiable to function, I have lost everything, and do not know what to do... I need help in anyway possiable. WE NEED YOU THE PEOPLE TO HELP CHANGE OUR PATH, BY SIGNING THIS PETITION, WITH GREAT HOPE IT WILL GET SOMEONES ATTENTION. if you can help in anyother way, it will be gladly appricated, and a huge blessing.or if you know someone who can help, please spread the Petiton.
Thank you for reading our story, I know it's long, but short compared to all the rest, this is just a small portion of what we have been through. HELP SAVE OUR CHILDREN, THERE ARE SO MANY THAT NEED OUR HELP, PLEASE GET INVOLVED, DON'T INGNORE OUR CRY'S..... WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Barbie ...................720-628-5481

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