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Giving Hope and support to Puerto Rico

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If you wouldn’t mind, take a minute to hear me out. Puerto Rico is being destroyed. Places are being destroyed. They need help. Puerto Rico is the one place I have always wanted to go. It’s a beautiful island, and my family is there. My great-grandmother is there. I am learning Spanish in order to finally talk to her. I don’t want to lose her and the rest of my family who lives in Puerto Rico due to hurricanes. I don’t want my family to be destroyed due to the loss of their homes. I am doing this petition because I am hoping to raise enough money to get Puerto Rico back on its feet and to give them hope when hurricane Maria has passed. Please, help Puerto Rico, my family, other family’s and the country itself. Remember Anything helps. Positivity can go a long way. #helppuertorico Thank you for your time~Madi

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