October 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jimmy Carter

Hello, My name is Jimmy Carter and the parents name of the child in question is Melissa Hartzell. 

 On September 15th of this year I needed to handle a situation concerning my own child at Windsor Middle school and while there the following unbelievably horrific situation occurred.

While standing in the front office of WMS I noticed an adult male towering over a child in an obvous manner of intimadation while cornering the student in such a way that the child had no option other than to stand there and take the belittling and brating name calling in which he was receiving. 

It was the adult males mannerism and body stance that 1st caught my attention. The intent of intemidation was so obvious and so public that it somewhat shocked me. But those concerns quickly gave way to the words in which who was later confirmed to be Vice Principal Cox was saying to the child.

 " You are stupid!"  not " You're acting stupid."  not "You're being stupid." but rather  "You are stupid!"

 At this time I decided such actions toward a child was completly unacceptable and I ask myself, what would I want a parent to do if they saw my child being treated in such a horrific manner? And of course the answer was simple, I would want to be made aware of it immediately and I would want proof! So I got out my phone and begin to record the interaction. And although there is an incrediable amount of background noise because this happened in a very public manner which compounds the problem even further. You can hear Vice Principal Cox calling the child "stupid" two additional times along with you are a "bully" and "You are a coward" 

It's important at this juncture to let , you the public, know that the situation in which V.P Cox was referring was false. Not only did he verbally attack this child but he done so before he investigated the facts. And upon an actual investigation into the matter it was revealed that the child in question was actually attempting to give aide to another student who was having an emmotional issue and was crying in the corner. While attempting to give aide and moral support the child in distress more children came by saw one child standing over another child crying and automatically drew the wrong conclusion and began to throw false accusations and an argument ensued. 

It is also important to know that the child in question has some mental challenges that prevents him from processing information and citical moments the way some of us might be able to do. And upon being verbally attacked and wrongfully accused by his peers, he reacted in a manner in which is consistent with the mental setbacks that he is forced to deal with on a daily basis. When the stories began to pour into VP Cox he reacted by automatically placing blame on the easy target which was the child with mental challenges, a child he was ordered the previous year to have no interactions with when it came to correcting behavior. This order was so imprtant that it was  placed in the childs I.E.P. 

It is also important to know that this is by far not the first complaint that has been made against this particular VP. It has been said that he at one point told a female child she was dressed like a whore and told her she had to change clothes. It is so easy to dismiss this last allegation because there is no proof of it occuring but if you watch the video and combine it with the other complaints that have been laid at Cox's feet it is easy to draw your own conclusion. 

Each of you please ask yourselves;  what would you want done if this was your child being treated so maliciously? And then follow up with what we have learned through psychology, through the court systems and through our own personal experiences. Does a person who is abusive either psychologically, mentally or physically changes thier ways without intervention? And if we take that question and give it an honest answer based on what we have all learned through life experiences then we know the answer is not only no, but they are incapable of change without intervention.

 We are asking all of you who read this, weather you have children in WMS or not to please sign this petition and help us to rid ourselves of a person in a leadership role who so freely and openly abuses our children. 

We send our children to school so that they may be taught acadamically and learn ACCEPTABLE SOCIAL SKILLS. Is demeaning, belittling and name calling a social skill in which we want our children to be taught?

Please help us protect our children and regain control of what happens in our public schools. Throughout this entire process the school board has attempted to control the situation through intimadation, like telling us that they are contacting thier legal team to evaluate the situation to trying to build walls between myself and the other parents for recording what happened. If it was your child being abused; would you have a problem with another caring parent recording the situation and bringing it directly and immediately to your attention. They have tried to make the fact that I recorded the situation into a bigger deal than the actual offense of an abusive role model in our midst. 

 And just so everyone knows Melissa Hartzell the parent of the child who was so maliciously and callously treated was greatful and appreciated the fact that I recorded her sons ill treatment and brought it to her attention. She is 100% by my side in this petition and I am 100% by her side in demanding the immeadiate release of VP Cox. 

Thank all of you who read this and for any support that you may give us in signing this petition.

Originally it was our intent to include a link to the video for all of you to see. But after further consideration since the childs face is plainly visiable in the video we have decided to err on the side of caution to prevent any futher embarrassment to the child from his peers. So we have included in this petition an email in which you may contact us through so that we may allow those of you whom wish to see and confirm that this is not a baseless allegation so that we may gain your support as well.

If you have any questions or would like to confirm the video please email to: 



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Signatures: 39Next Goal: 50
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