MIKE PENCE needs held ACCOUNTABLE for his CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY 2 hide a LAWSUIT against him

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Mike Pence while Governor of Indiana had a DUTY to uphold the United States Constitution.

While Indiana Governor Mike Pence became aware of Un-Constitutional actions of Indiana Parole officials, including directly settling a lawsuit against parole officials for the Un-Constitutional actions; thereafter ignoring the problem and allowing parole officials to continue the Status quo

Indiana parole conditions are set straight across the board, and are not tailored to the Individual or the Circumstances of the crime, or level and Severity of the crime.

Our United States Constitution gives us Due Process Rights.

This is the issue which surround's this petition. Parole conditions which are to help Reintegrate  an Individual into society - demands Due Process, so the conditions can be tailored to the Reintegration, otherwise parole fails the very purpose it is designed for.   

In 2009 David Bleeke sued Indiana parole officials for failing to give Due process before parole restricted him from his own wife and children; including NOT allowing him to go for the birth of his 2nd child. 

Can you imagine the threat of being returned to prison, where he was allowed contact with his family - or be out of prison and be forced to stay away from his family. It is Torture and a violation of our 8th Amendment ban on Cruel and Unusual Punishment.

In 2015 Mike Pence settled the lawsuit against parole, but failed to make parole change this Un-Constitutional behavior. Indiana Code 4-22-2 places the authority of parole conditions directly in the Governors hands. 

Mike Pence ignored that duty which I.C. 4-22-2 and the United States Constitution both placed in his hands. Imagine a Vice President, in his previous status of Indiana Governor, Intentionally ignoring his duty to the people of Indiana.

In September of 2016, my wife and I filed a lawsuit for the same thing; parole was stopping (myself) from being around family. Parole officials had already been through this before, so it became a Criminal Conspiracy to hide the lawsuit. In November of 2017 the Court closed our suit claiming there was nothing they could do because I was off parole; completely ignoring the damage claim. 

The Federal Court even put (2) U.S. Marshall's in touch with us to Scare me to Silence. Even Running Fake News on Fox 59 in Indiana, where Nicole Pence worked, to cover up delays in the case.


Help us get the Justice we deserve. Mike Pence is NOT above the law.


We Do NOT need him as our Vice President when he Intentionally ignored his DUTY in Indiana to uphold OUR CONSTITUTION.

Remember; Mike Pence left an Indianapolis Colts game for NFL KNEEL, saying it Disrespects OUR Flag - but isn't that exactly what he did as Indiana Governor?

We Don't need fake Politicians in OUR white house.

Impeach, Prosecute and Prison.

Demand Justice and show AMERICA - WE ARE THE PEOPLE 

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