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Please help NHS patients get justice for their complaints

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Currently when a patient is unhappy with the service they receive from the NHS they can raise a complaint with the hospital in question. If they are not happy with the result they can raise a complaint with the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman.

This is a unfair system for the following reasons:

  • The PHSO has been criticized on many occasions for picking and choosing which cases it deals with and failing to thoroughly investigate the cases it does take on. Recent article:
  • If you were to have a grievance relating to your employer you would have to opportunity to go to an employment tribunal - an independent judicial body where evidence is given from both parties under oath or affirmation. No such service exists for NHS complaints and negligence cases. Your only option is the PHSO.

My story

Our beautiful son was born in 2014 after an emergency cat 1 c-section. The care provided from St Helier hospital NHS was terrible. The induction procedure was made traumatic due to the disgusting attitude of some of the midwifes, during labour medical failings in my opinion were made on several occasions which put my sons and my life in danger. This led to an emergency cat 1 c-section which could have been prevented. The post natal care was non existent. No birth debrief was offered of any sort, little support was given.

All of this combined led to post natal depression and as my counsellor described, left me 'completely traumatised'.  I would get palpitations when nearing the hospital. On the rare occasion I had to enter the hospital I was close to panic attacks. I am still petrified of having another child.

I found the courage to raise a complaint to St Helier hospital. It was hard but I wanted to try to ensure this would not happen in the future to other women and their babies. 

After being dissatisfied with their response, I submitted a case to the PHSO. After two months short of a year I received the response letter.

I was appalled at the response and feel it has been a one sided investigation, for the following reasons:

  • All points in the report were based on St Helier hospital's medical notes. 
  • Statements were not taken from either parties due to  'the amount of time that has elapsed'. Would statements have been asked for if they had started the investigation a year ago when I raised the complaint?
  • Medical records were not taken into consideration
  • No other evidence was taken into consideration


A new system needs to be put into place to ensure all patient NHS grievances are heard, investigated thoroughly and fairly and action is taken. Please sign and share today. 



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