Please help me get Visa, Apple & Navy Federal to please give my money back I was SCAMMED

Please help me get Visa, Apple & Navy Federal to please give my money back I was SCAMMED

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Why this petition matters

Yes, I'm the one who sent the Apple Pay, but under the guise that I'd receive a service & I was comfortable with the offer, in part, because I earnestly & honestly knew, from experience, that if I had proof, which I made sure to have (both IG DM messages & Imessages), but my bank, who I've been with since 2009 refuses to help me & I genuinely need your help; there's POWER in numbers, and I intend to submit this to their corporate/headquarters department, to show them that this should not be allowed; not me giving the money away myself; of course not, I cleanly know that was my fault wholeheartedly! But, my anger is because they claim that Apple transfers aren't a protected act under their dispute rules & I highly doubt that I'm the one dealing with this let down, I'm literally lost for words & I also feel like the scammers' page should be taken down, because I was transparent with him & shared with him the struggles that I suffer with, as it relates to MH issues & how I had 14 attempts & that I was very sensitive & fragile, as it relates to  trickery, people stealing from one another, lies & being taking advantage of, yet he did it anyway & now I can't even stop crying long enough to get back to work.

I could see if I had staff, who could run the business in my stead, while I checked myself into a hospital, so that I don't do something to myself, that will torture & traumatize my children & grandchildren horrendously. 

What Visa, Appe & Navy Federal don't realize, is the sad but true fact, that more & more of these hateful & heartless people are going to keep making accounts & hurting people, as long as they're privy to the fact that the victims have no recourse, and that needs to change immediately.

This all began around noon time yesterday & I haven't had one bite to eat & no desire for anything, until this is rectified. I was so thorough with my new magazine start-up & should be consistently working with my graphic designer, talents & creative writing specialist, as I am the go to, between the 3.

Had I known about this rule beforehand, there's absolutely NO WAY I would've trusted the company, but it's similar to buying a pair of jeans, then finding out that they're too small/big, you're not told "too bad", like I pretty much heard on yesterday & I'm totally torn all to pieces, because I really loved my bank, but I really want to sever ties with them, for what they're doing to me.

PLEASE sign this with & for me, so that we can possibly fix an inept rule, within the banking arena, that unfortunately has the potential to force people, with warped brains (like myself), into an early demise.


Just to think, how fast I went from being so ecstatic one minute; as I shouted "Thank You Jesus", because the December slots were filing like running water, to now having uncontrolled bouts of ideation, that was merely a figment of my imagination, starting on May 29th, when God Blessed me with my very own magazine business, that caters to at risk youth, living in poverty, but very talented within.

I've published 2 magazines featuring/showcasing them, in hopes that they'll be discovered, because my magazine is sold at Walmart Marketplace, that everybody has access to all over the world to include, but not limited to (talent scouts, PRS, record labels & modeling agencies), but now I can't even bring myself to bounce back & get back to the money. I'm drastically numb & stuck. That's why I need your help, all 3 entities have the capability of reversing the charge & making me whole again, so that I can snap out of this trance & crawl out of the horrible sunken place, that my mind immediately went to on yesterday.

I ask for the final time, that you please, please, please not only sign the petition yourself, but can you please share it to your social media platforms & and too your friends & family too. We have to stick together & stop this awful acts, merely because we trust in the wrong people.

Just remember, I have a litany of correspondences between me and the culprit (Viral Exposure) which proves that he broke the agreement & stopped communicating altogether.

Thank you in advance,

As always #SeeYouAtTheTOP 

-Passion ❤️ 

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