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please help me get justice for my fur babies: I want this monster to pay for the cruelty causing death to my fur babies

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1/12/2011 was Puffs last day on earth. I drove two hours to save puff, he was the sweetest, fattest kitty I have ever known. On January 12th we had maintenance come and I had Bryan stay in the bathroom with Puff so he wouldn`t run outside. I heard the cat crying and asked Bryan if he was ok, he said yes so I never thought anything bad. The maintenance man left and i opened up the bathroom door and Puff was laying there dead. Bryan claimed he had a heart attack and I didn`t at this time know he was a cold blooded killer. 4/30/2011was when the nightmare began.  I had one of the most precious things in my life taken away from me that day, I remember like it was yesterday, and cry still everyday til this day. I was inside the store when I lost my baby girl, Bridgette Rose, my world, my everything, my reason to live. Bridgette stayed inside the car that day with Bryan, my ex husband, as i went into Walgreens. Bridgette was fine when I went inside, but God love her she was attached to her mommy and cried and cried when I went into the store. Not even 15 minutes later he called my cell phone and told me I needed to come outside. I came outside and there she was, my baby girl, laying on the front seat of my car, not breathing and laying in her urine and feces. I started screaming for help, and began doing CPR on my baby and called 911. The ambulance arrived and I was still doing CPR on my girl, and I myself wasn't breathing. This wasn't happening, it couldn't be, she was my baby, my everything, to young to die. The ambulance crew told me she was gone. I layed  over her body screaming to God how could he let this happen???  I asked Bryan what happened and he said he didn't know, at this time he was abusive to me, but never to my animals, or so I thought. I guess I never knew what happened when I wasn't around, and I'll never know that day what happened, and it wasn't until I witnessed the horrific events from 8/16/2011 that everything finally made sense.

My ex husband beat me because I was devoted to my animals.He was jealous. I went to my doctors appointment and came back to get my things because I  was going to leave him, I was tired of being degraded, I was tired of being treated like I wasn't anything, and I was tired of being beat for no reason. I took  my girls, Bella, Runt and Sweet Pea to my friend's house so she could watch them while I went to my Doctor's appointment. I left my cat, tuxedo,because I wanted him to not be nervous and I had alot of stuff to move with him, so I decided after my Doctor's, I'd get my stuff and him, and Bryan wouldn't even know. I had to pretend like everything was ok because I didn't want to get beaten. I returned home to no Bryan and my cat brutally murdered. I have proof through animal control of how he suffered and was murdered. I have proof of my whereabouts that day! He fled the state and I went into protective help for battered women with the state of Florida. I was promised justice! I contacted the detective on several occasions and never received a phone call back! He beat me and abused my animals, he killed my babies! I left him for their safety I never knew he was this cruel. He is a monster and I know he's responsible for the death of my dog Bridgette as well that I thought was accidental! He put my miniature pincher in an oxygen tank but I couldn't prove it! I have witnesses and he has kids! He is dangerous and he deserves to be jailed and my sweet babies deserve justice! Help me get this monster and justice for my precious fur babies. I'm currently seeking an animal rights divorce attorney I want him to pay for the pain he put my fur children through!!! I have pictures through Lee county Animal Control, and proof that he was THE ONLY ONE who had access to my cat and our belongings! I was promised justice, I was promised my cat's remains through my victim's advocate Del Marie from Lee County Sheriff's Department. I NEVER RECEIVED HIS REMAINS OR JUSTICE!! Bryan was charged with a Felony and a misdemeanor and they won't go get him and make him pay for what he did to my fur kids!! I've called the detective and no calls back!! HOW IS THIS FAIR?? I know his where abouts and he is a cold blooded murderer and GUILTY!!  I will have to go to therapy for the rest of my life for what this monster did to my family!! I adopted my cat from my Landlord at the time, can you imagine how embarrassing that is? How sick, how sad it makes my heart when she asks how her baby Tux is doing?? MY FUR KIDS DESERVE JUSTICE!! PLEASE HELP ME GET OUR VOICES HEARD!!!

I am sorry Tux and Bridgette that it took me this long to reach out, I am just now okay to talk about the events that happened. I just want justice for my kids.

I have a recording of Bryan confessing to this crime, but nobody cares.

Case number 11-312728 Lee County Sheriff's Department

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