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Please help me and my dogs

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My dogs got out my fence while i was out of town and someone was babysitting my house. They took one of my dogs and declared him a dangerous dog because they said they had two signed affadavits saying they were agressive. Garland animal services then came over and checked out my other two dogs to see if they were dangerous. Next i was told i needed to get rid of one of my dogs because i had to many to control with my two kids. I got a friend to take care of one of them to go and live with his kids and familly. My wife and I thought it was a little odd what they were telling us to do since my dogs have never been aggressive before. So we decided to appeal there decision on the dog that i had to get rid of. They never notified us of a time or date of the appeal. Then the day after the appeal that we didn't no took place we got a letter saying that they deemed all 3 of my dogs dangerous and i needed to get all my dogs out of the house until the appeal was over. We went to Garland Animal Services and asked them what was going on and how come now they are all deemed dangerous dogs. They told us that they were trying to work with us when we were told to get rid of one dog but now we have to go thru everything at the appeal. They also told us that they found a report of my dog "Chance" bitting my 3 year old son. I told them they had there facts wrong. My son was scratched on his eye by the dog. When we took my son to the hospital for it to be looked at the doctors and nurses there both agreed that there was almost no way that could have been a dog bite. Also Animal Services called me later that day saying that since it was a dog scratch and we were responsible dog owners we can keep our dog but he has to be quartined for 10 days. Of course we did. It is just not right that they can deem my dogs dangerous over false facts. Also it just seems odd that they deemed my other two dogs dangerous only after we choose to appeal there decision on my other dog. Also we got the letter declaring my other two dogs dangerous dogs the day after the appeal(that we were not given the date of) for the dog i had to send away took place. It would be unfair to take away dogs that have never hurt anyone before. I am starting this petition because i don't feel that my dogs have done anything wrong and i am a huge animal lover. I can't stand by and just let them take my inocent dogs and possibly put them down. I no these are dogs but what happened to mans best friend and being inocent until proven guilty. These dogs are a huge part of me and my kids lives we just don't want to lose our other two dogs because they are the most loving dogs I have ever had. It has already been hard enough adapting my familly to not having my other dog.

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