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Help us bring public awareness to this issue and support human rights

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Mario Zanin was in a head on car accident. At the time of the accident, Mario was HIV positive and because of the trauma he went into full blown Aids.

Mario had seen an animal running across the road. To avoid hitting the animal, Mario tried to avoid the animal using neutral turn lane and hit another car . Mario ran over to the other vehicle to help the other people get out of their burning car. Mario was bleeding internally and lost 2/3 of his blood because his major organs were cut or damaged and he was unaware until he got to the hospital. Mario was dying at the scene of the accident and no one noticed to help. Mario sustained life threatening injury which went unnoticed for almost too long.

San Bernardino county sheriffs said that they suspected Mario was under the influence and asked for a blood test a couple hours after the accident as Mario was going into surgery. Mario tried refusing under the circumstances but was convinced under heavy sedation to consent. Hospital personnel drew his blood and the the officer put the sample it in his pocket, unrefrigerated for 5 hours. The chain of custody shows it sat in a evidence locker for 2 days, unrefrigerated after that! San Bernardino county sheriff did not test Mario blood for 32 days.

That night Mario had one drink with dinner and nothing more, but why was the result so high? At the preliminary hearing a forensic expert testified that there was no way that the test results could be right because they did not store the blood correctly, the condition would have allowed the blood to ferment and increase the alcohol results. He also said that the result could not have been so high with the dinner which was also in Mario's stomach.

San Bernardido county has now filed charges two months later and arrested Mario. While Mario was in custody, they denied Mario his HIV medication. He had just started his medication to rescue his immune system after his liver had healed enough to tolerate it.

The horrible experience he endured for an accident also forced him to watch an inmate die at the hands of murderers and felons. Mario is a caring, good-natured person who had an accident. We are asking for help in raising money on for Mario's legal defense which has left out of resources - we need help!

When we pull through this, we MUST to do something to improve the system and civil rights - ensure we do what we can so EVERYONE has a right to medical attention no matter what their situation is. There is evidence that Mario's 4th amendment rights were violated so the American Civil Liberties Union has taken interest in this case.

Help us bring public awareness to this issue and support human rights - fair,correct, and ethical treatment for all U.S. citizens who are innocent until proven guilty.

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