Please Help End the Horror and Torture in Syrian Prisons

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Everyday thousands of innocent men, women and yes children are


in government-run detention facilities across Syria.

Some were randomly captured and put into jails. 
Some were falsely accused and were given no trial.
Some were arrested for speaking out for democracy and freedom.

Up to 50 people are put into a 3m x 3m cell where they stand – sometimes sitting on each other. They are raped and tortured until they die.  Slowly they cut off a couple of body parts at a time, pull their nails out with pliers and beat them up several times a day with pipes, bars and cables.  Some are forced to stand in water and are given electric shocks.  Some are covered with gasoline and set on fire.  Others are killed, and their bodies are cut into pieces and sent to their family members. Rats and mice, lice and cockroaches are in the cells. And yes, that is what they eat there besides a half a piece of bread each day. Water is sprayed in the air and everyone opens their mouths and tries to catch a few drops.  Every week 20-50 people are hung in the middle of the night. On the days that they kill large groups of people in the jail, they use a tractor with a scoop to shovel them all into 1 big hole.  Everything is done in secret. Families never know where their members are or if they are alive or dead.   

Let’s band together, put aside our differences and make finding a solution to this human rights crisis our highest priority.

Let’s be the voice of those who have been silenced and oppressed, otherwise these horrific daily events will never stop.

Please share this petition with as many as possible so we can collect enough signatures to make a difference and end the horror in Syria.

Thank-you for your attention and for your time.

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