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PLEASE HELP END Anti-Latino Hate in America PLEASE SIGN

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We Latino Americans cannot continue to live under racial fear and abuses in the USA as ctizens of the frre world.The anti--Latino Hate Crimes in our community must be addresses by our own USA government and the UN.By putting a "human face"on these racial injustices we can bring justice to Puerto Rico ,USA and Mexico.Latino persons are citizens of humanity and the world.Please help us end hate in America.In 2011 per USA FBI DATA Hate Crimes on Latino Americans was 68% post 9/11 this community lives under racial fear daily in this Nation. A Nation that demands human rights and civil rights for others worldwide.Latino children are taken from their homes never to be seem again.Latino citizens are deported or kept in USA Detention Camps acrossa America without the freedom that USA gives others around the world. You can be part of the "HUMANITY"to END Hate in America or close your eyes with PennState Blinders and be part of the inhumane injustices outside your front door in America.Only you can decide that!What would GOD do?What would you do?The time for change is upon us! TAKE A STAND FOR HUMANITY IN AMERICA! Ron Paul says the following about Anti-Latino Hate Crimes in America; "Latinos have become America's Jews as "racial scapegoats"of hate like Jews were to Nazi Germany" ."They have become America's Jews" "Pure racial targets nothing more as humans" Remarks were given to the press by Ron Paul on 2/1/12 on his bid for USA President.   It's hard not to listen to Mr Paul many Americans are turning a "blind eye" to anti-Latino hate in America.Are you one of them who feel this is OK hate because you don't see Latinos as humans like sadly painfully Nazi germany did not see Jewish persons as humans.What is your take on hate in America?What does it do for you?Have you Sign our Petition?

 Why has Anti-Latino Hate crimes become the norm in American media,gov?and the public?No one is "Outraged"in America with U.S.ICE agents "torture deaths"of Latino persons citizens or not.Now the count is 10 and counting victims that we know of.The Director of U.S Border ICE Office is Mr john Morton and his is an old member of "hate groups"such as Klan in southwest of the U.S.This is why the "hate killings'of Latinos are never looked into.The only one that end these "Latino Hate Crime"killings is U.S

Inspector General (OIG) is MrCharles Ewards at 

phone#1-800-323-8603,fax#202-254-4297 Mail Address U.SDHS of Inspector General Attention Office of Investigations Hotline 245 Murray Drive Sw,Building 410/Mail Stop 2600 Washington,DC20528  THANK YOU FOR YOUR HUMAN SUPPORT.

Información general Nosotros los latinoamericanos no pueden seguir viviendo bajo el miedo racial y abusos en los EE.UU. como ctizens del mundo.El Frre anti - Crímenes de Odio latinos en nuestra comunidad deben ser direcciones por nuestro propio gobierno de EE.UU. y la UN.By poner un rostro "humano "en estas injusticias raciales que puede traer la justicia a Puerto Rico, EE.UU. y las personas Mexico.Latino son ciudadanos de la humanidad y world.Please la ayuda a terminar con el odio en 2011 por EE.UU. America.In datos del FBI de Crímenes de Odio de los latinos fue del 68% después de 11.9 de esta comunidad vive bajo el miedo racial a diario en esta nación. Una nación que exige los derechos humanos y los derechos civiles de los hijos de otros worldwide.Latino son sacados de sus casas para no ser ciudadanos parecen again.Latino son deportados o se mantiene en EE.UU. campos de detención acrossa Estados Unidos sin la libertad que EE.UU. da a los demás en todo el mundo. Usted puede ser parte de la "humanidad" para terminar con odio en los Estados Unidos o cerrar los ojos con anteojeras PennState y ser parte de las injusticias inhumanas fuera de su puerta en America.Only puede decidir eso! ¿Qué haría Dios? ¿Qué haría usted El tiempo para el cambio está sobre nosotros! TOMAR UNA POSICIÓN PARA LA HUMANIDAD EN AMERICA

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