Please help baby Sophia! Her human rights have been violated in Germany

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Berlin, 2019. Olga C. is an international journalist with a Master's Degree. She has been working in Germany for 8 years before giving birth to her little baby Sophia. The German authorities forcibly removed the baby, who cried and screamed for her mother. 

The case was fabricated against the journalist. All friends and colleagues of the journalist know her as an adequate and good person.

At the moment, the baby is with his father and relatives. German child protective services are authorized to inspect the apartment. It seems that they plan to place baby Sophia in a foster house or a foster family, although the baby has a mother and many relatives.

Germany has signed the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child in 1991 together with 196 countries, but the following human rights of baby Sophia have been violated:

- the rights of parents and extended family (Article 5)

-the right to preserve all the elements of her identity and family relations (Article 8)

- the right to maintain on a regular basis personal relations and direct contact with both parents(Article 10)

Separating baby Sophia from her mother and relatives is more than cruel and unnecessary - it's torture.

Please help baby Sophia and sign the petition! 

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Any help would be greatly appreciated!