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Please help a disabled veteran get disability

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 My name is Jacob Feuerstein. I am a former United States Marine and now disabled veteran. For the last five years I have been fighting for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and I have been denied coverage every time. The judge who ruled on my case used falsified medical information and manipulated other information to justify his ruling. An example is he stated my PTSD was exaggerated paranoia from a “ history of cannabis abuse”. This information was apparently supplied by a Dr. Lopez who was never even my treating physician. I have never smoked cannabis in my life. There is not a single blood sample or urinalysis that shows I have ever had cannabis in my system.

 I then requested that an administrative board review the decision and after waiting over a year for an answer their response was “ we see no reason to review the judges decision”. As far as they were concerned the judge did not commit an error in law and therefore his ruling was valid. Even the court appointed vocational expert stated that with my disabilities that there was no gainful employment I could any longer do. The fact that the judge completely disregarded the testimony of the court appointed expert witness should have alone been enough of a reason to re-examine my case. It's a system that doesn’t even hold itself accountable by its own rules.

 I have a 60% disability rating with the VA and I have a 30% rating from a board certified QME for spinal damage in my cervical and lumbar spine separate from the military. I’ve had spinal surgery, shoulder surgery and hand surgery. I have severe patellar tendonitis in both knees as well as arthritis throughout my entire body and a degenerative disc disease in my spine. I also suffer from both PTSD and depression. I have numerous other physical issues as well that has caused atrophy in both of my hands. Every single second of my life I am in horrible chronic pain. It never stops and it is so bad that if I stopped taking my pain medication, even passed the withdrawal period, my blood pressure raises to the point that I risk stroke or heart attack.

 Throughout my life I have been a hard worker. I’ve never lived off the system and have earned every single thing I have. No matter what life has thrown at me I have always gotten back up and continued on, but there is a point when enough is enough. I’m not asking for a handout or a free ride. The money I would get from disability is about $1000 a month maybe a little less. If I worked full-time at a minimum wage job I would make at least one and a half times that. If I had any other option to work I would rather do that. When I became fully disabled in January 2012 I had the best job of my life, I was making more money than I’ve ever made before, and I was literally in the middle of buying my first home. I would do almost anything to have that life back, but I can't so now I am relying on the duty of the government of the country I once served. And since they refuse to listen I am now asking for the people to stand up for what's right. Thank you.

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