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Please grant clemency to Rhonda Louise Brown

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Well folks, here is another story of injustice to women. Rhonda Brown is in prison in Florida. She was sentenced to 15 years for a crime her boyfriend committed. They were both under the influence of drugs at the time the robbery was committed. Rhonda did not have the gun. Her boyfriend did and he walked! No sentence for him! How is this possible? Rhonda has done half of her sentence already and has a great prison record with many certificates for classes she took and dealing with her substance abuse. She is applying for a clemency to reduce the sentence she got for a crime that her boyfriend committed. Although she is very sorry for her part in being there at a robbery where no one was injured or killed. Please sign this petition and show your support of early release for Rhonda. She has 2 children who need her at home and have been away from her for a long time. Her mother is taking care of her children and is a recent amputee with health problems and is struggling to care for herself and her grandchildren. Please help this family that deserves a second chance. Thank you!


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