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Please Grant Charles Edward Johnson II Parole

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I am writing this public letter on behalf of the 400 plus signatures respectfully requesting that Charles Johnson be granted Parole. These 400 plus signatures represents Charles Johnson’s Community. Those signing this petition are those who are agreeing to support Charles acclimation back into the community. By signing this petition they also vow to support Charles by helping him be the most productive  and law abiding citizen that he can be.

Many of us have been in communication with Charles over the years. We are his family, friends, teachers, Pastors, and mentors. Charles has shown great remorse for the crimes in which he was sentenced for. He has served a debt to society with over 22 years of his natural life. He was a young adult when he went into prison with the mind of a teenager. Now he has developed into a man who we all feel deserves a second chance. Charles does not have a criminal mentality, and is constantly speaking to the youth in his community via letters that they should not take the path that he took when he was a youth.

Charles has two sisters who love him very much. Both of his sisters are college educated and have careers in both Law Enforcement and The Justice System. Charles is needed and wanted in his community and family. He has 10 nieces and nephews who look up to him.  Despite the fact that Charles has been in prison all of their lives, he has instructed them with correction, talks and explaining to them the dangers of going the wrong way. As a result, the majority of his nieces and nephews are serving this country in the United States Military. All of them love, admires and respects their uncle dearly.  Charles motivation, leadership and guidance has not been limited to his family but to his entire community.

We 400 plus signatures ask that you will please consider Charles a man who is not the same young adult that went into prison. He has fully changed and deserves a second chance. We ask that you will find it in your heart to give Charles mercy, compassion, and a second change.


Each of us, the Community of Riverside California

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