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Glitter is my 5 month old poodle puppy who was never returned to me as promised and have been trying to get her back ever since, I was put on the promise my little girl would be sent up to me in 2 weeks after i settle into my new place in Cairns.

When the people who have my dog were contacted i got nothing but abuse and total nonsense  and said they were not giving her back and gave me no reason, she is being held on a property in Tallai on the Gold Coast, i have all paperwork of owner ship and receipts to prove she is mine, she is legally my property and i miss her more than words can say as this is so painful to be away from her from this long after seeing her grow up from the day she was born only to be seperated like this, not a day goes by when i don't think about her and how painful it is, I have gone to the Police and they say it is a civil matter, I went to the RSPCA and they say it is a Police matter, I go to the courts and they are not sure if the case would be heard, been going around and around in circles just to get back what is rightfully mine, to me this is not fair and heartbreaking.

If anyone can help me or know what i can do please contact me @:

Letter to
Roberta Wagner


Please give my little girl Glitter back!

You have no right in keeping her and she is my legal property and you know this, i will not stop until my little girl is here with me and in my arms, you have 7 dogs on a property which is only supposed to have 2, so legally you are in the wrong in so many ways, so i suggest you give back what is rightfully mine as i know my little girl is missing me as much as i miss her.