Please fulfill commitments:Fixed election dates,term limits and impeachment proceedings.

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Prime Minister Andrew Holness in his campaign utterances said in his first 100 days he'll start the legislative process with regard  to the following :

1 Fixed  date for  general elections .

2 Term limits for Prime Minister .

3  Impeachment proceedings . 

Now we are  over 700 days yet still no word on PM Holness utterances .PM Holness told the nation that his utterances ain't promises but commitments . 

Fixed dates for general election

We the people strongly believe that both the government and opposition can agree  on a fixed election date that comes every five years. We the people also believe that a date in December  or February will be the date of those fixed election. From 1944 -2016 we had  seventeen  general election :six were  in December ,four in February,two in October ,singles in five other months and none in four months . 

Term limits for Prime Ministers  

Obviously  a  two-term  limit for our Prime Ministers is practical . But a clause could be made where as, if the Prime Minister is still popular close to the ending of his second term he/she has an option to go for another term. That is  if that political party gives he/she their blessing . 


We the people are calling on Prime Minister Andrew Holness to fulfill his commitments .We the people rather it late than never .