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Please feature a character with Alopecia on TV or in a movie.

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This petition is purely positive and only a friendly request. We are not demanding anything, this is a fun idea! We are simply trying to show the support behind it. 

Over 6,000,000 people in the United States alone live with Alopecia, but it is often unheard of outside of the community. Our 4 year old daughter has Alopecia Areata and we have dedicated our lives to help educate the world about it through YouTube and other social media platforms, but we need a bigger audience! We want to grow the acceptance and help end the bullying bald children receive at schools and in public. Education is the key and The Walt Disney Company can help us get there!

We would like The Walt Disney Company to create a STRONG and CONFIDENT child/teenage character with Alopecia in either a television show or a movie.

With The Walt Disney Company being the progressive company that it is, we believe including a character with Alopecia would be beneficial to everyone. The Walt Disney Company will show us once again that they are forward thinkers and the Alopecia Community will have representation by the largest entertainment company in the world. Imagine all the children with Alopecia being able to see themselves on television or in a movie! If our tiny YouTube channel can inspire people, The Walt Disney Company would be able to change the Alopecia world as we know it. 

Since our daughter was born, she's had very little hair. At this point in her life, she's completely bald. But because of positive reenforcement and educating her, she is the most confident child we've ever seen (we may be biased)! We honestly feel if all kids around the world with Alopecia were represented positively, it would help them in the same way, but also educate everyone around them. Acceptance is the most wonderful thing when you finally feel it! Let's spread acceptance to every corner of the world. 

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