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Please ensure a renewal of the Albacore Tuna Treaty with the United States

In 1981 Canada and the United States signed a treaty that allowed albacore fisherman from both countries to catch albacore tuna in the other country's waters. It was beneficial to both countries for many years, however, it was not signed when it came up for renewal in 2012. Consequently, Canadian albacore fishermen experienced a shortened season, with far lower catch rates that yielded significantly lower gross value to the fleet. As other BC fisheries have declined, many boats now rely heavily on the tuna fishery to maintain their livelihood; this loss of income was felt by all. It is important to remember that these fish are supporting  not only boat owners, but their crews and all the families as well.The implications to the entire fleet can not be over estimated.

Albacore is considered a highly migratory species, and fishermen must be able to follow the fish as they move, regardless of territorial boundaries. Quite simply, the treaty must be renewed if many fishermen are to survive. Please support this petition to emphasize to our leaders the full importance of this treaty to our fleet.

Letter to
Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Premier Christy Clark
Member of Parliament Calgary Southwest Stephen Harper
and 2 others
Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Keith Ashfield
Leader, Conservative Party of Canada / Chef, Parti Conservateur du Canada Stephen Harper
The Albacore Tuna Treaty between Canada and the United States must be renewed to sustain the livelihoods of many fishermen and their families. Please work to ensure that this treaty is negotiated and signed to facilitate a fishery in 2013.

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