Please don't stop the emergency food stamps that families rely on due rising costs

Please don't stop the emergency food stamps that families rely on due rising costs

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Why this petition matters

Started by Cathi Raymond

I've never started a petition before but this is something that will affect many of people and children whom rely on food stamps and the emergency allotment since the beginning of this pandemic. 

The pandemic is far from over. Many of lives have been taken including my fiancé at the end of 2021. Now I have his children along with my own children. 

The rising cost of EVERYTHING makes it almost impossible to pay for housing, electricity, gas,  clothing, food and nevermind the "extras" such as car repairs, insurance, home wifi and household necessities which we all know those things add up fast, especially due to these rising costs that we all are suffering from! 

On  June 30th 2022 these benefits are set to end and we, the people in need have to ask and plead for these extra benefits to NOT end! 

There are many more issues that are and have been funded to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars that are going to other things but I don't think getting political will do this petition any good as I'm trying to stay neutral and not cause any upset.

I'm just now a widowed mother of 5 due to covid that took a father, a son, my partner and a provider from us far too early! I'm trying to keep our heads above water and can barely afford food for my children with all these extra costs of living and inflation. This isn't about a hand out, rather a hand up after this economy has sky rocketed at an astronomical rate.

I'm just a mom sharing my thoughts and whom thinks that this will put many of families in  deeper poverty if these benefits end. 

Will those of you whom feel the same about this petition please share? There are numerous families lives that will be affected negatively if these benefits end!

6 have signed. Let’s get to 10!