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Petitioning City of San Diego Development Services Environmental Planner Elizabeth Shearer-Nguyen

Please Don’t Pave Another Road on Threatened Grassland Bordering Mission Valley, San Diego

            In the wake of the major residential project Quarry Falls the city wants to pave a road over open space connecting Phyllis Place to the site (this Quarry Falls link has an 8.24 MB file). Despite significant citizen and councilmember objections the city approved Quarry Falls, a large-scale residential development impacting several coastal sage scrub acres.

            "It appears that the" environmental impacts would be "Land Use, Transportation/Circulation, Air Quality, Biological Resources, Geologic Conditions, Greenhouse Gas Emissions," "Historical Resources (Archaeology), Hydrology, Noise, Paleontological Resources," "Visual Effects and Neighborhood Character, Water Quality, and Cumulative Effects."


            I repeat that there is plenty of vacant housing for various living situations here. We never needed or wanted Quarry Falls, why "increase connectivity" to it?

Letter to
City of San Diego Development Services Environmental Planner Elizabeth Shearer-Nguyen
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Elizabeth Shearer-Nguyen.

We, the undersigned, oppose the Franklin Ridge Road Extension. We never needed or wanted Quarry Falls, so we don’t need to pave over more grassland. We don’t want more flood drainage-impeding pavement, air or noise pollution, scenic or “Neighborhood Character” impacts, or misdirected expenditures. We don’t want to support any more coastal sage scrub-sprawling projects here.

If we were able to appeal the Quarry Falls permit, we would want you to deny any Sudberry Properties sprawl development. We want to preserve coastal sage scrub, retain flood drainage, conserve existing neighborhood character, and use existing housing optimally. Thank you for your time.



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