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"PLEASE DON'T HURT MY MOMMY".. President Zuma please stop this rhino masacre

Please see this as an important challenge for each and every one of us to BOYCOTT ANYTHING 'MADE IN CHINA' AND ANY OTHER COUNTRY DEALING IN RHINO HORN, SHOULD 'ONE MORE' OF THESE MAGNIFICENT CREATURES BE SLAUGHTERED FOR THEIR HORN. This could be our last chance to save these magnificent creatures from extinction. Please have the courage to commit to this cause AND PASS THIS ONTO EVERYONE YOU KNOW who is as passionate as we are in protecting these defenseless animals so that they too may be as free as we are to roam the wilds as nature intended. Stop this greed, stop these inadequate little 'men' from fulfilling their lustful fantasies which perpetuates this vicious circle of heinous, cruel, barbaric, cowardly, murderous acts of killing our rhino. In honor of all those rhino who've died an agonizing death may this petition spread like wild fire on a gusty night..

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    President Zuma, South Africa

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