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His Grace Abuna Yesehaq established the church in Jamaica in 1970 with his mission being:

 “To restore people to unity with God and with each other.” Our Holy Father His Grace Abuna Yesehaq consecrated nine (9) branches across the island of Jamaica and baptized over ten thousand members. Currently there are only four of those nine branches in operation, and no attempt is being made to revitalize them. As a result, this has left many of our brothers and sisters without a spiritual home. The dwindling churches in Jamaica is as consequence of limited clergymen to effectively guide and execute their religious duties. Additionally, there have been no ordinations by the current Diocese since the passing of our Holy Father His Grace Abuna Yesehaq over sixteen years ago.

Action Required

We the members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Jamaica are desperately seeking assistance from the Holy Synod in Ethiopia to preserve our Holy Church.

Ordination of Clergy Members 

For the church to remain operational, it requires a healthy succession of clergy members to officiate and perform their duties competently. Currently, the church does not have successional clergy members to execute same. Most recently one of our young leaders in the church, Deacon Matewos went to Ethiopia to study, and was consequently ordained a Priest by the hand of His Grace Abuna Sawiros at the Head Quarters of the Holy Synod. On his return to Jamaica his ordination has was deemed illegal by our diocese, claiming he is an Anagnost and, not a deacon and therefore is not eligible. He was suspended and forbidden to serve on the Alter or to perform any clerical duties. While in fact he was ordained a Deacon by His Grace Abuna Yesehaq.

Diocese Duties 

The diocese in the Caribbean and Latin American is responsible to oversee the operations of the church, this will ensure that the people of God are not scattered or lead away by the enemy. The diocese has neglected the upliftment of the church in Jamaica. 

His Grace Abuna Yesehaq

The current administration has also expressed the desire to exhume and remove the remains of our Holy Father His Grace Abuna Yesehaq. His body rests interment at the Holy Trinity Church in Kingston. It was His Grace Abuna Yesehaq’s request that his remains be laid to rest in Jamaica. His Grace Abuna Yesehaq established the church in Jamaica, and played a pivotal role in ensuring that the teachings of the church are maintained throughout the western hemisphere. This act of exhumation, if executed will be tantamount to a blatant disregard to his name and what he represented. 

Our Plea

 Please take charge of these matters as our cries have been ignored for many years now and remain unacknowledged by the Diocese. Our church is being stifled and our clergy is aging and ailing and many have already gone to rest. We are in a crisis. Please help us to save our church.


364 have signed. Let’s get to 500!