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The SuperMarioLogan channel has been going down recently in terms of content and videos- what people called it as 'The Dork Age of SML', A lot of the characters has become violent, abusive, racist and hateful against other character and the videos seem became more criticized such as 'The Drone' for it's brutality and excessive gore content.

On January 24th, 2016, Logan and the SML channel released a new video titled 'Mario the Babysitter' and a debut of a new character named Jeffy, a kid who's been neglected by their parents because of his mental issues.

The character at first, seem kinda funny, but after time goes on, he's getting more WORSE and getting more criticized by fans for it's unfunny behavior.

The video 'Jeffy's Bad Word' was heavily criticized for Jeffy's excessive use of vulgar and offensive words, and abusing Mario non-stop over normal and getting screwed on. Jeffy's behavior in this video offends the SML fanbase and the LGBT community over a lot of usage of the word "faggot" in the video. Many fans requested Logan to remove Jeffy from the SML character has been skyrocketed, but the Jeffy fans decides to defend Jeffy to not remove him from the character and attack fans who is anti-Jeffy in an offensive and atrocious way.

Most of the Jeffy fans are mostly ranging between 10-12 years old and they most often attack anti-Jeffy fans by throwing deplorable hate speeches against those who don't like Jeffy. This is one of the step down in the SML fanbase as these Jeffy fans offends more original and anti-Jeffy fans in a disrespectful way.

Jeffy is now getting from funny to ridiculous - but the Jeffy fans described his new rude attitude as cool and savage - he constantly attacking Mario and cussing at them, and then defended by Rosalina, which some fan describe her as close as Peach's personality in the Jeffy's Bad Word video. Jeffy is now more worse than Bowser Junior while Junior became less worse even though his characteristic represent him as a douchebag. 

Jeffy is now no longer as the best SML character in the entire series, and many SML fans and the fanbase requested Logan to remove Jeffy out of the SML series because of Jeffy's new ridiculous offensive and atrocious behavior and the pro-Jeffy fans who are the 10-year olds that getting more violent and deplorable against other SML fan over one opinion.

It's time we need to get rid Jeffy out of the SML videos - it is not just only his offensive behavior, but it's causing a hate speech war against a one person's opinion or criticizing about Jeffy. Logan must make a video where Mario and the whole cast kills Jeffy for once and for all and citing fans that Jeffy will be no longer as a part of the SML cast.

If Logan still continues the usage of Jeffy in the new deplorable SML videos, I will unsubscribe and dislike any SML videos with Jeffy on it. It's getting ridiculous as fucking hell. 


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