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Please close the Snow Centre for IB Examinations

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The IB Examinations are possibly the most important examinations a student will sit in their whole life. On average, these exams are weighted around 70% of the student's grade for each subject - they are extremely important.

As such, it would be extremely valuable to have the Snow Centre closed completely for this period so that we can concentrate to the fullest at this important time. From past experience, we all know that the Snow Centre can be one of the loudest venues in the School. This was particularly noticeable during Term 1 exams in which loud noises (including blaring speakers and shouting students) continuously disrupted the exams throughout the exam period.

The positive impact that a closed Snow Centre has is clearly evident in the difference in marks between Term 1 exams (when SC was open) and Term 3 exams (when SC was closed). 

We understand that it is difficult to relocate classes from the Snow Centre for three weeks and places extra pressure on already strained classroom availability. However, we know it is possible - as seen in the Term 3 exams when the whole Snow Centre was closed for the exam period. There should be at least some reduced load on classrooms as Year 12 HSC and IB will not running, making it somewhat easier to relocate Year 7-11 classes. It would be disappointing to see two years of exceptionally hard work be negatively affected because special accomodations were not made to support us to the fullest.

The IB Class of 2017 would be exceptionally grateful if arrangements are made to close the Snow Centre for this time so that we can achieve the best results possible.


Thank you,

IB Class of 2017

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