Petition Closed

The Oceana factory in Hout Bay is depositing its waste into our bay,  and we have had no communication from Oceana to give us confidence that this "fish blood water" is not harmful to the environment.

Currently, the fish fumes can be smelled to the top of Hout Bay on a daily basis. This affects residents and tourism as the smell is often stifling and the brown waste is smelly and makes the harbour appear unclean - certainly unswimmable.

We feel that as residents of Hout Bay, we need to get Oceana Group and the factory to acknowledge that this is not an industrial area, that the environment is important, that the harbour is not only a working harbour, but one which needs to be respected and protected by all who gainfully work and live here.

We need the government to take charge and develop a better plan for the marina, with an effective management team that is not politically driven, but who looks to the future of the bay and works towards a sustainable working environment that doesn't cause harm to either the environment, the residents living here or the tourist trade that many people here rely on. 

Letter to
Oceana Group - Operations Director Mike Copeland
Cape Town Government Ivan Bromfield
Cape Town Government David Oliver
and 4 others
Oceana Process Engineering Manager Kevin Changoo
CEO Oceana Francois Kuttel
Private Secretary for Environmental Affairs Magdalena Griesel
Managing Director - Oceana Group Mr. Gavin Rhodes-Harrison
All of those who care about Hout Bay now feel it is time for change.
It is time for Oceana Group to look at the factory and the damage it is causing to the beauty of this area. It is time for the Group to clean up its act, and to better assess its impact on our environment.
We want to see a better management policy in place for the Hout Bay Marina, to ensure that no further pollution is emitted from the factory.
We want to see proof that what is being flushed into the ocean as waste by the factory is 100% unharmful to sea life and wildlife, fishermen and the residents who live here and swim in this water.
It is in everyone's interests to clean up the sea - we all rely on it in one way or another and we have a future to protect.

We acknowledge that the factory is a source of employment for the bay, and we are respectful of this, however, this does not reduce the responsibility Oceana has to conduct its commerce in a way that the residents, the environment and business can co-exist.
So, Oceana, roll up your sleeves, dig deep into your pockets and PLEASE CLEAN UP YOUR FACTORY IN HOUT BAY ONCE AND FOR ALL!