Please, Cancel Your GAIA Subscription

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Dear friends, colleagues, and GAIA subscribers,

We are kindly asking you to consider cancelling your GAIA subscription  ( to help us send a strong message to the company’s CEO and management team.

As current and former GAIA Inc. employees, we are a group of thoughtful, dedicated, intelligent, motivated, hard-working, and driven individuals whose goal is to do something meaningful for humanity. We saw GAIA Inc. as a company to help us change the world for the better. Unfortunately, we are (were) faced with a management team that lacks honesty, compassion, and mindfulness, which is the basis of its profit margins.

Due to perpetual emotional, mental, and fear-based verbal abuse, inappropriate and harassing treatments, which we have not only experienced ourselves but have witnessed in the treatment of Cosmic Disclosure show hosts and participants, we are asking all GAIA subscribers to help us by cancelling your subscription.

The reason GAIA Inc. subscription numbers have grown in the past several years has been due to steady increase of consumer interest in the Cosmic Disclosure show. Without Cosmic Disclosure and its cast, GAIA Inc. would not experience growth. It is not a secret that yoga subscribers do not stay subscribed. When subscribers want to cancel their subscription, they are automatically given a 3-month extension. This is how the CEO keeps his subscription numbers inflated. 

Cancelling your subscription and refusing free extension of subscribed services will send a strong message to the company at this time. It is very likely that Cosmic Disclosure as well as several other popular shows on GAIA will cease to exist if we don't stand together. Cancelling your subscription is the best way to support your favorite hosts, guests, shows, and us who make sure that the content is delivered to you, and that all your questions are answered. 

We would also like to comment that this behavior is not something new. Several, world renowned UFO and crop circle researchers and film makers have been wronged in the past by GAIA Inc.’s misguided ego and actions. It is time to set things right and give them emotional closure as well.

Rather than supporting a company with the history of abuse of its employees and independent contributors, please consider donating $9.99 monthly subscription to your favorite truth-seeking researcher, insider, or experiencer.

In addition, we ask all current and past GAIA employees to leave on-line reviews at various websites regarding their work experience at GAIA Inc.

Those subscribers who will support our petition by unsubscribing from GAIA, please leave a comment on the latest episode why you are unsubscribing. 

On behalf of all involved, we thank you from the deepest depths of our souls for your support.

Team Gaia (as in Earth)

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