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Please Cancel the Taxpayer-Funded "SEX: A Tell-all Exhibition" Sex Show For Kids!


Children have the right to innocence and parents have a right to educate their children according to their beliefs. The show projects moral views which are unrelated to the scientific mandate of the museum. This show has proven unworthy of being taxpayer funded (80% funded by the Government of Canada.). These tax dollars would be better spent helping parents educate their kids and also perhaps for enhancing age-appropriate in-school education on anatomy, and sexual function.


We do not object to teaching children about their bodies; on the contrary, we believe that children should be educated about not only the physical and physiological aspects, but also, in context, the emotional and spiritual dimensions of the same.


Moreover, we object to the graphic nature of the show.  The fact that a "how to masturbate" animation was included is just one example of what we see as telling of the lack of judgment of the curator, and perhaps the lack of critical oversight this show received for a show presented to such an impressionable audience.  We have found that this show ultimately attempts to, in the guise of sex education, foist upon children a worldview which is neither healthy nor in line with the values held by the majority of Canadian society.

These views have been reflected in a recent statement by the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada (IMFC).  See

Thank you for taking the time to consider our concerns and we urge you to do your part in cancelling this show immediately.


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