PLEASE build a hall big enough for our school community to come together...

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We need a bigger hall - Mango Hill State School's hall was never built with the future in mind!

When the school opened 7 years ago, the hall was only ever constructed with seating capacity for approximately 300 students, allowing limited space for teachers, parents and guests, or 400-450 when students only. This was despite opening with a foundation cohort of 200+ students. Consequently, the hall reached capacity within the first 1-2 years of the school opening and never kept up with our rapidly expanding enrolment numbers.

Flash forward to 2018. There are currently 1200 students enrolled for Term 1 2019, more than 5 times our original size when the hall was built. For a number of years, students, staff and families have all felt the negative effects of being forced to utilise a space completely unfit for purpose. How many of us have had to stand outside and hope we can squeeze a glimpse of our special little someone receiving an award?

MHSS has a strong focus on excellence in performing arts and through winning multiple titles in the Wakakirri and Eisteddfod-based competitions, we have created a formidable national reputation in these spaces. Most recently in 2018, MHSS won the prestigious national Wakakirri Story of the Year award, despite struggling to accommodate rehearsals and performances in the lead up to the regional and national competitions.

Given the high growth corridor our school is located in, where significant land development is still underway and the newly approved high school will be built before we know it, the growth in our enrolment numbers isn't going to slow down anytime soon. Year after year, our actual enrolment numbers consistently sit higher than Education Qld’s forecasts. This is why we need to act now and petition for a larger hall to be built immediately. One that will accommodate future growth not just meet the needs of our very large school today!

Some interesting facts:

  • At 340 students, our current Prep and Year 1 student cohorts completely fill this space.
  • The Year 6 cohort can’t fit in together as a group with their families to celebrate their graduation ceremony without spilling out the sides of the building. If we can’t fit the six Year 6 classes in now, it will be impossible to fit the eleven 2018 Prep classes when they graduate in 2024.
  • Staff currently have to run 3 separate parades to accommodate our school community. This impacts on learning time, classroom productivity and morale as the school community can’t come together for these special events to celebrate the achievements of our children. In many cases this also impact families who have to attend multiple ceremonies for multiple children, across multiple cohorts of students.
  • We cannot celebrate as a whole school community, student award ceremonies, cultural celebrations, ANZAC Day commemorative services, nor cater for community-based and fundraising events, which all make up critical components of our annual calendar of events and contribute to our school’s culture.
  • We could save on hall hire costs and time if we didn’t have to relocate events to larger venues. That means more in our annual budget for other basic educational needs that the school could be investing in.
  • Conversely, we have also missed out on the opportunity to generate significant fundraising dollars for our school community, by hiring out a larger hall space to external groups in our community, just as our neighbouring schools are able to do. 

Please join with me in signing this petition. Let’s stand together to create action by our local member, Dr Steven Miles, Federal Member Luke Howarth, Education Minister Grace Grace, Candidate for Petrie Corinne Mulholland and anyone who will join with us in supporting our school, as we rally the people who are elected (or running) to help us provide our kids with something as simple as a single meeting place to come together as a school community!

We've struggled long enough, please build our kids a hall!