Create "Ruth Bader Ginger" ice cream!

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is my personal hero. As the first Jewish woman to serve on the Supreme Court, she inspires me to think big about what I can accomplish in my own life. And not only is she an accomplished legal scholar, she’s also become a cultural icon for young women like me; my friends and I -- and lot of people on the internet -- lovingly refer to her as “the Notorious RBG.”

I think it’s important to recognize women heroes everywhere we can. So when I read that only two of Ben & Jerry’s honorary flavors over the past three decades have featured women, I started this petition asking the ice cream company to honor Justice Ginsburg with her own flavor: Ruth Bader Ginger.

As writers Tania Lombrozo and Amanda McCall have noted, Ben & Jerry's have named more than twenty ice cream flavors after people over the past 30 years, but only two for women -- and neither of those is even available in stores today. Ben & Jerry’s prides themselves on being a socially responsible company that cares about making a difference, and recognizing the contributions women like Ginsburg have made to the world matters. If Ben & Jerry’s make this flavor, they can start a national conversation about why it’s important to celebrate women who have helped make our nation great.

This conversation is important because young women need role models like Ginsburg. You may know about her work on the Supreme Court, but not a lot of people know that she was Columbia University’s first female tenured professor. Or that, during her first year of law school, her husband was diagnosed with cancer. She took notes for him and typed up his term papers, all while maintaining her own course load, a seat on the Law Review, looking after their first baby -- and graduating first in her class.

Ben & Jerry’s has named flavors after John Lennon, Willie Nelson, and Elton John. Stephen Colbert got his flavor after publicly waging a campaign on the Colbert Show and their most popular flavor, Cherry Garcia, was suggested by a customer who wanted them to honor Jerry Garcia.

That’s why I know, if enough people support this petition, we can get them to add another American icon, the Notorious RBG, to that list. Will you join me in asking Ben & Jerry’s to celebrate an amazing woman -- and give us a really tasty new flavor -- by producing an ice cream in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg?