Please ban the eating of dogs, cats and horses in Maui, Hawaii.


Banning the eating of these animals will stop theft of our companion animals, and will stop the cruel and inhumane killings of these animals. Your actions to ban the eating of dogs, cats, and horses in Maui County will also stop the cruel and inhumane captivity of these animals, and the horrible live preparations which take place prior to the inhumane deaths of these animals.

As a resident of Hawaii, these barbaric actions to companion animals are deeply disturbing and must be brought to an end. As a tourist, Maui will not be considered as a vacation destination until these cruel and inhumane deaths and eating of dogs, cats, and horses have been made illegal.

Two times now, the Hawaii state representatives have introduced bills to ban eating of companion animals, with little to no public opposition, yet in the final hours, the bills have not been made into law.

Please show to the world that Maui County cares about the welfare of all animals and understands that residents and visitors want to know that dogs, cats, and horses are safe from such terrible harm. 

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Maui Visitors Bureau
  • Mayor Arakawa
  • Maui Council

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