Please ask Denver City Council to SUPPORT the Group Living Amendment


Please ask Denver City Council to SUPPORT the Group Living Amendment

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Members of City Council's Land Use, Transportation and Infrastructure (LUTI) Committee are weighing potential changes to the group living proposal that would update and modernize the Denver's rules on residential uses, following a series of discussions at the committee's regular Tuesday morning meetings throughout the fall. The committee has scheduled a vote on a revised draft of these code amendments for its meeting Tuesday, December 22. The revised draft will be posted on on this page in advance of the meeting.

See: Group Living Rules Update

Here are key changes under consideration:

  • Cap the number of adults in a household regardless of the house's square footage. (Effectively eliminates Co-ops from existing.)
  • Prohibit community corrections in single-unit and two-unit zone districts. (Why?)
  • Reduce "type 2" residential care facilities from 11-40 residents to 11-20 residents in existing civic, public and institutional structures (like an old church that is no longer in use). (Need at least 30)
  • Increase spacing between smaller facilities serving up to 10 people and limit the number in an area to avoid concentrations in a single neighborhood. (Concede)

These changes are unacceptable in their current form.

We must...

  1. Demand that City Council remove the Cap, which prohibits Co-ops from being Legal in Denver.  At minimum, the Cap needs raised to at least 8, but ideally is changed to something like, "max household adults permitted will be double the number of legal bedrooms."  A legal bedroom opens into a common area of the unit, and also has at least one window as a point of egress.  This should satisfy fire code.
    Peer cities ranging from caps of 2-8 Unrelated adults permitting in a single-unit dwelling averaged fewer than 3 unrelated adults.
    Also, with their cap, they are keeping the language of "Unrelated."  Reference to Blood Relation needs to be removed completely, since it would be impossible to enforce and also creates opportunity for racial bias.
  2. Demand that Community corrections facilities be permitted in single-unit and two-unit zone districts, but just comply with spacing requirements similar to the smaller facilities.  We need every option at our disposal to assist people who are in the corrections process, and give their family access to visit them for the support of both.
  3. Demand that the reduction of "type 2" residential care facility residents be increased back to at least 30.  The reduction in residents down to 11-20 just won't be sufficient space.
  4. Concede the increase spacing between smaller facilities serving up to 10 people as well as the total limit to an area.

We ask Denver City Council to please think of what is best for the City as a whole to help house those in need as well as allow our fellow community members to rejoin society as quickly as possible.

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This petition made change with 182 supporters!

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