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The Australian people deserve answers to these very important questions!

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 I am calling for the following questions to be answered by people representing Australians in the Federal Parliament.

Please before making any judgements, take the time to read some of the comments on this petition. The people are very concerned to say the least.


Known as Chem-trails’ 'Geo-Engineering' 'Chemical-Trail' and to many 'poison.'


1. What do you call this?

2. What are they?

3. What is their purpose?

4. Is there a potential to have adverse effects to life on the Earth?

5. What is in them?

6. What is the effect on the environment?

7. Humans?

8. Psychological/mental health effects?

9. Disease/sickness?

10. Our animals?

11. Our food?

12. Our water?

13. Who is doing this?

14. Why are they doing this?

15. Why are they flying in Australian airspace?

16. Who allows them to fly here?

17. Why do they typically travel at a much higher altitude than any other plane?

18. Why do the skies go hazy and produce long lasting cloud?

19. What will make you stop spraying our skies with these substances?

20. When will you stop spraying our skies with these substances?

21. Who is paying for these operations? The tax-payer?

22. What do these operations cost to run?

23. Why is it that most of the population do not know this is occuring and why is the public not consulted on this subject?

There are many theories of what these may be, could be, and hundreds of different effects they can have.

Have you seen these trails in the sky and never thought any more about it?

We want fair and honest answers; we deserve to know what you're up to as it would be fair to say we're all 'consuming' their ingredients in one way or another.

These are being sprayed right in front of our faces on the daily and somebody has to stand up and be frank and honest about them!

Remember! What goes up, must come down!

This is called gravity.

We highly strongly disagree that these are your normal contrails caused by jet fuel burning at certain altitudes and temperatures.  These trails last for hours, expand and cause the atmosphere to have a hazy appearance, and block the sun out with cloud as well as ruin a nice beautiful day.

Look up in to the sky and see for yourself.

 These 'Chemtrails'  will be smothering a city one day and not be seen for days, weeks, months later.

These trails are not normal and their existence/answers to these questions is not common knowledge to your common man, woman, boy or girl.

24. Why?

25. Why not?

Who knows...?! They could be beneficial for us all in some way. I can't believe this is the case until you prove this. It may sound more credible coming from someone who will definitely know which is why I have compiled a list of people who should know, and be able to answer questions in a public domain; given the positions they hold.

I call upon specific people listed below to come forward and explain themselves to the Australian public.

You are where you are for us... We are not here for you.

If no response is received then Australians will continue to be sprayed with unknown substances, for no apparent purpose/reason and 25 simple, yet very important questions will remain unanswered.  I believe the following people will, in their positions, be able to answer my questions.

--- The Hon Greg Hunt MP 

 Minister for the Environment

--- Richard Di Natale

Leader of the Australian Greens

--- Senator Larissa Waters

 Co-Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens

--- The Hon Peter Dutton MP

Minister for Immigration and Border protection.

--- Senator the Hon James McGrath

Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister

Assistant Minister for Immigration

--- Hon Mark Butler MP

Shadow Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water

----  Hon Richard Marles MP

Shadow Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

---- Hon Matt Thistlethwaite MP

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration

---- Gai Brodtmann MP

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Defence

---- Senator the Hon Lisa Singh

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change and Water

----   The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP ----

Prime Minister of Australia

---- The Hon Bill Shorten MP ----

Leader of the opposition


I wish to thank you all for reading this petition and especially to all those who sign it. I look forward to any responses from the people named above.  

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