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Please Allow the Class of 2018 to Decorate their Graduation Caps

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The reasoning behind not letting students design their caps is the belief that it may be a distraction and take away the decorum of the ceremony, however being able to decorate one's cap adds a sense of personalization to the ceremony for the graduating class. Decorating your cap allows the graduate to connect to the ceremony in a more personal way than just walking across the stage. The graduate is able to express themselves in a deeper way, as each one is unique. Decorated caps also make it easier for families to identify their graduates in a crowd, and with a graduating class of almost 400 and counting, that is something that is truly helpful. All throughout high school, students are told to showcase our individuality and symbolically speaking, the decoration of high school graduation caps, or at a bare minimum the option to decorate graduation caps, represents one final time a student can demonstrate their singularity with respect to others as a high school student.

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