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Rebuild Lydiksen

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In November, 69.2% of our community voted to upgrade, repair and modernize our schools. The projects came from the school boards final approved list dated July 7th 2016. June 13th is when the board will actually vote on where the bond monies will be spent. We must show up if we intend to get what we voted for in November. Upgrades, repairs and modernization to our existing schools, NOT a new school! A new school for Pleasanton wasn't even on the list of priorities until July of 2016. All previous plans made zero mention of it.

Of the 270 million, 235 million are to go to those projects. Now others are trying to reprioritize the project list and stall this process even longer. What is it going to take to get decent facilities for our children. Its flat wrong.

Why is it still being debated? We need to stop all this talking, forming committees etc and just get it done. If we don’t issue bonds soon, we will very likely miss out on matching funds from the state’s $9 billion bond measure, Prop 51. We are already behind on that. If we miss the window to get about $10 million in matching funds this year, it means that Pleasanton taxpayers will be paying into Prop 51, but getting nothing back in our community for it.

Holding up all projects for a Facilities Master Plan is unnecessary for projects like Lydiksen and all the District wide needs that were identified back in January 2013. Lydiksen was supposed to be rebuilt with Measure B bond money, but there wasn’t enough left over after Walnut Grove was done in 2003-04.  It was heartbreaking to hear one of our teachers talk about how thin the walls are and how the rooms are not ADA compliant. We should be moving forward with Lydiksen and other critical repairs and upgrades throughout the district. No further study and prioritization is needed.

The board will be voting June 13th. If we want what we voted for in November to be approved then we need to be there at the school board meeting reminding them to move forward with upgrades, repairs and modernizations now.

Many of us can't be at the June 13th meeting. Please sign this petition now, Share it with your friends. Let the school board know we want what we voted for!! 


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