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Petitioning Pleasant Mountain Presbyterian Church

Sop the anti gay and lesbian policies. Stop gay bullying!

My Fiance and I have been receiving letters from the Bridgton Maine Presbyterian Church and Pastor Beauchamp urging us to "stop this lifestyle" and if we do not the church will take "disciplinary action against us" and they will have "no reason to believe that we are truly saved." We are constantly being harrassed as well as several other young gay couples. This church has made it's message clear and the message they are sending is not one the world should have to put up with. Everyone deserves equal rights and the Bible is no reason to be denied equal treatment. They have no right to decide what is right and wrong this bullying and hatred should no longer be tolerated. It is time that the Pleasant Mountain Presbyterian Church and Pastor Beauchamp understood love is love and no one can be punished for that. This is a disgrace and it is disgusting. It's 2013 why are we even still debating this?

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Pleasant Mountain Presbyterian Church
Stop the bullying. Love has no boundaries and everyone has the right to be who they are without fear of judgement. All people are created equal and all deserve equal rights. No one has the right to decide how others can live their life. Love is love and that is all their is to it. Stop the harassment and learn to accept all for who they are.