Plea to Minister Creecy - Save Shark Eco-Tourism in Gansbaai, South Africa.

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Since 2017, white shark presence in Gansbaai (South Africa) has become less predictable, after a flight response to orca predation. Since then the bronze whaler shark has started to spend more time in the area and has been enthralling tourists from across the globe. Sadly, the fact that this is a commercially fished species, is severely threatening a fragile eco-tourism industry that contributes massively to national tourism and local economic development. 

We believe the sharks are worth more alive than dead and appeal to Minister Barbara Creecy, of the Department of Environmental Affairs, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF), South Africa, to declare an exclusion zone in the area of Gansbaai where shark cage diving takes place. International tourists are enthralled by the bronze whaler shark and this eco-tourism industry has had no alternative but to pay the fishermen NOT to fish the sharks, a legal and permitted fishery. There are approximately 30 bronze whaler sharks that are frequenting the area and we ask that this area be protected for bronze whaler sharks. We are not asking for a full closure of this fishery along the South African coastline, but we do note that IUCN considers the species Near Threatened. Please see our infographic 

We also note that shark demersal longliners are having an impact on the ecosystem and the livelihood of local fishermen, and that matter is being addressed separately.

We ask for your support in this petition to declare the area protected for the bronze whaler sharks. 

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