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This is the plea SOS from South Western state of Kerala, India, to save the lives of 3 million people living in the downstream of an ailing 116 years old dam....(Dam Commissioned in 1896)
The people had been left to panic having no worthwhile intervention from the authority of the state... the ailing dam and the adjoining 400 acres of land is leased to the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu, for a lease period of 999 years(might be never heard of period otherwise).
We, the people of the state needs some immediate intervention of your organization to please take up the issue before the world.. The State has taken up the issue before the central government, but due to the political pressures no worthwhile intervention is seen from the part of the central government for the right to Life of 3.9 million people living down stream of the area were the water finally falls to sea.
The adjoining state of Tamil Nadu, a water, starved state, has been the custodian of water of the reservoir, dam and its catchment area which is completely flows trough the territory of Kerala. The state government of Kerala have assured a continuous supply of water to the state of Tamil nadu but they wants the discriminatory lease agreement in place and says the dam is "super strong' and can go on for much longer time... They are not paying heed to studies of the technical experts on the issue and wants the case to be fought in the Supreme court of India.
There are a lot of fissures and cracks in the dam, (gravity dam) which is made of limestone Surki Concrete which has had leached to a great extend... The dam lies in a fault where earthquake happens often which adds to the worry of the people living downstream.. Within nine months there were about 23 minor earthquakes and seismologists predict that the area can witness earthquakes more than 6 magnitude.. There are studies of technical experts that the dam is dangerous and an earthquake can be disastrous... If such an earthquake happens the almost cracked dam may not withstand an earthquake and the world have to witness an another of chain of dam failures down stream..
The state is in a fix since the land is leased to the neighbouring state, and is not able to, even reduce the water level of the dam and those in the other side of the border is actually asking to increase the height of the water from the present level (136 ft) to 142ft... We at this side of the dam wanted the water level be reduced to a much lower 120ft.... So that even if dam breaks; might be the next adjoining dam may hold water, the state is trying to reduce the water of the adjoining dam... But, between these two dams there is thickly populated area... and the people living between too needs to be taken care off...
I know the facts provided by me are not conclusive, I live downstream, peaceful protests had been happening in this side of the dam... But no one hears, our almost silenced cries... Either the central government or even the state government is not acting enough because of the political compulsions of a coalition government that is running the centre..
We the people of the state and the government of the state have the slogan, WATER FOR TAMILNADU AND SAFETY FOR KERALA, because we know that there are no source of water for the people of Tamil Nadu other than depending on all the three neighboring states for water.... We want the dam to be immediately decommissioned and let new one be built so that there will be continuous water supply to Tamil nadu, but the old and ailing will kill and devastate the lives of almost the entire population of about 5 districts of Kerala ie about 3.9 million Please please we urgently hope to get the hep of the intervention of Amnesty International to the Support of the people of Kerala, who does not know to whom we have to cry for help...
Please help us the world hear our cries, so that the government at the centre may take some stern decisions and Supreme court of India, takes up the issue with utmost importance for the case of the dam is pending in the supreme court between Kerala and Tamil Nadu and the court have appointed a Commission which had submitted it's report stating that the dam is safe on 4th may 2012... We common man doubts, that the dam may break even before the verdict of the case which is posted for detailed hearing in Supreme Court of India on July 23rd and before a new dam is built..
Please help us, please don't let us be the victims of the could be worlds biggest Man made catastrophe... of a chain of dam breaks...
Earth has been giving its warnings... Please Save Our Lives....

Thanking You

On behalf of people living down stream and adjoining areas

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