Plea for restoring Girl Child's Rights

Plea for restoring Girl Child's Rights

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SAK . started this petition to Shri Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India) and

`Dear All this is an SOS call of a single mother of three minor daughters.

Can you hear me out my fellow earthians out there ....anyone with wisdom and compassion you can be convinced that it's not an emotionally drafted article but it states the sequence of legal events in order as per my knowledge.

It's the lament of my womb.....a shiver runs through my womb when my little one's are disturbed.....

Till date had been very patient and forgiving to the people who harassed me and my girl children and had been focusing on my kids and my career without depending on any sort of financial aid from my ex husband Paul Rajan or his family and relinquishing our rights. I had been subjected to every form of torture both physical and mental while I was expecting my first baby. I used to be threatened to give birth to a boy child as the main reason my mother in law would state was that 'parampara ninnu pokum'. And my father in law would say 'you won't be let inside this house'. It aggravated as days and years passed by wherein my father in law Rajan Mampilly sexually abused my infant child and me in the presence of his wife, my mother in law. And his son  Paul Rajan laughed it all out when told about it.

I got married while doing my second year graduation and though a submissive soft spoken girl I had a high level of tolerance to pain and also a forgiving mentality and I just focused on my little kids ignoring and suffering silently all the torture meted out to me and kids, like being locked inside and starved, beaten up and sweared with derogatory comments from my husband and father in law. Yes the biggest mistake of my life where in I did not utter a word to the outside world and in fact always was out with a smile in public.

But the night we were chased with a knife in April 2012 and I ran for life wrapping my kids and locked ourselves inside a room. The power of motherhood gave me all the boldness to stand up for my little one's. I filed FIR and relocated to Bangalore. An FIR 498A under section, 154 Cr.P.C was filed in Ernakulam Central Police station on 16-4-2012, FIR no. 980 against Paul Rajan,1st accused. Rajan Mampilly 2nd accused, Alice Rajan, 3rd accused, Anu Babu 4th accused. Based on the police investigation & report, all the 4 accused Paul, Rajan Mampilly, Alice and Anu were Charge Sheeted by the Honorable Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Cochin. Chargesheet no.2003/12 on 23/7/2012.

And from then on I used to be threatened to withdraw the chargesheet , political heads, religious heads, police commissioners used to call me up and ask me to withdraw the chargesheet or I that I would have face bitter consequences. When none of these threats influenced my decision, Paul Rajan filed for Custody OP of kids in Kerala family court in Cochin in August 2012. The custody case was not maintainable as me and kids were residents of Bangalore since April 2012 much before the custody OP was filed. And I had official documents supporting the fact, kids admission receipts, rental agreement and my job certificate all solid evidence that kids and me were in Bangalore since 2012 June.

Unfortunately all the counsels I appointed either misrepresented us or did not represent us at all in the court. We were misguided by the counsel to file transfer petition in Supreme court which got rejected in spite of me submitting the needed documents. It seems its one of the rarest things when a transfer petition by a mother is rejected in the history of Supreme Court as mentioned by a an eminent lawyer.

He started continuously to harass us sending police to our house, creating mess in the school and apartment we live etc and our life became miserable. Police men along with Paul Rajan's driver would barge into our house at odd timing late in the evening at 8.30 pm or early morning etc. And it was a regular incident for me and kids to wake upto trauma early mornings and when the calling bell rang with police men in uniform after 6.30 pm. Finally I filed

FIR against Mr. Paul Rajan on 8/11/2013 in Electronic City police station, Bangalore. FIR no 0431/2013.

Paul Rajan with his influence sent few police men to our house early one morning at around 5.30 am and we were dragged out of our house and taken in Police vehicle and detained in police station and were harassed by police officials without mercy, derogatory comments, threats and police men almost tried groping us and was not moving away when my kids started recording video with the phone he moved away but still we were feeling insecure. My SOS call on FB got in inquiries from media which shielded us from greater danger. We have pictures and videos of Police men inside our house not even letting us to change in privacy before being taken to Kerala. Are even terrorists treated like this? We were dumped behind a police vehicle and an overnight journey to be presented before the High Court of Kerala. I appeared IN PERSON without a counsel before the Honorable CHIEF JUSTICE of HIGH COURT, Kerala following which A JUDGEMENT was passed by the Honorable Chief Justice Shri Ashok Bhushan in mine and kid's favor DISPOSING OFF contempt also mentioning that contempt was under INAPPROPRIATE GROUNDS and also ordered for Police Protection and to escort us to our residence in Bangalore. Chief justice also made an oral statement to request the Bangalore Commissioner and to file for protection in High Court of Bangalore. I wrote to the city police commissioner Bangalore and I was assured through a mail of support and things were almost secure for us legally.

But before long he again got ex-party custody order from family court Kerala and kids and me were summoned. Kids were taken for chamber counseling before the Judge and they expressed their traumatic experience and unwillingness to meet him or go with him. Judge issued an order stating kid's unwillingness to go with the father.

But recently again he has triggered lots of panic and disrupted our peaceful living. Till recently the school was very supportive as they knew the reality of how I am struggling to make ends meet as a single mother. But last week school expressed their fear as they mentioned that they cannot do anything against the High command as Paul Rajan has managed to convince the CMI head incharge in Bangalore. And school authorities ask me not to admit kids there next year as the High Command, CMI head is not willing.
Present Scenario: Now in midst their final exams Paul Rajan has got a Family court order for the kids to be given to him on 23rd & 24th of March 2016 and kids are devastated. I am shattered and as a last resort I am trying to get some public help by posting a petition in and twitter, FB posts.

I suffered silently till it came to a point when my kid's life was in danger. And we are not dependent on Paul Rajan for money or anything else. I forgave and spared them and never went in to defame them and just focused on mine and kid's peace but still we are being victimized and abused for no fault of ours.

I have no more energy left, neither I have power or money but only these kid's and their testimony which they speak out and my trust in God. There is no one to help us. This is my last resort. Don't we deserve to live our life peacefully?

Isn't it common sense and wisdom that normal, healthy, independent and smart kids who excel in everything despite every trauma cannot be tamed to speak out as per any parent's wish? And for sure not all 3 can be tamed? Yes my daughters have posted on Fb and has published video too which is for sure under my guidance as they needed to highlight the important points.

To anyone who is not convinced about the video content or post, my kids are very much before the society, that any genuine authority who wants to know the truth and is capable of granting justice can always approach the kids. Kids have cried out in public in the High court before Chief Justice and in the open court at the Family court. Their grief and agony has been witnessed by the general public too multiple times when they were arrested or summoned to court.

According to the Family Court Act, A Family court exists for the welfare of women and children, were in there are no hard and fast rules and there is not even a need of a counsel. Apart from that, most important evidence of Chamber Counseling in the mother's absence and an order following which clearly states the unwillingness of the kids to go with the father, my kids are being tortured and their education is being disrupted.

1. How can a Family Court which exists for welfare of women and children give ex-party custody order to a father who is already charge sheeted by CJM court for abuse of his girl children much before the custody OP is filed by Paul Rajan, the abuser father?
2.After chamber counseling and as stated in the unwillingness order about set aside petition filed by the mother, why isn't the set aside petition being taken for hearing and after so long why hasn't the ex-party custody order been set aside?
3. Why hasn't the judge issued interim custody or permanent custody order for the mother following chamber counseling and kid's testimony following which he issued an order stating kid's unwillingness?
4. Why does the present counsel appointed from Legal service Authority, Kerala, helpless in even getting the set aside petition to hearing after so long?
5. Why is it neglected that kids are being disturbed unnecessarily in school and its disrupting their education, dignified and peaceful living when there is Supreme court ruling that kids cannot be forced to be sent or meet the guardian they are not willing to? And as per High Court Ruling isn't mother the natural guardian of girl children?
6.And as per child psychology would children be performers in academics and extracurricular if they were not happy with the mother so far?
7. Isn't this Girl Child Abuse infact Abuse of 3 Girl Children?
8. Inspite of FIR in Bangalore against Paul Rajan and me& kids being permanent residents of Karnataka, he still manages to trouble kids in school/get warrants against us and torture and defame us. What is the whole point of FIR and Chargesheet? Are these means of FIR and chargsheet insignificant before money and corruption and no value to life of Girl children where posters throughout the country proclaims protection of girl children.
9. And what is my fault ? why am I being harassed? Is it for the simple reason that am concerned about the day to day welfare of kids and after the day to day welfare am left without energy, power or money to tackle this manipulated and corrupt atmosphere around us which is devouring me alive. Is my fault that gave birth to girl children and that my priority is their happiness and peace?
10. The next possible option for me and kids is to challenge the family court decisions in High Court but unless we have solid back up of State level or National level authorities, won't the same history of deceit, corruption and manipulation continue till these girls turn 18?
11. Why is our grievance being neglected by Human Right's commission and other organizations stating it's in the court? Is the lives of three girl children and their mother so insignificant?

Now its upto my co-earthians especially fathers

Had you loved your kids would you ever trouble them inspite of their unwillingness, would you have got them arrested?

Isn't it Blatant child's rights violation??

1. Blatant violation of child's rights as Paul Rajan is an accused by law for abusing his own girl children. Paul Rajan 1st accused, Rajan Mampilly 1st accused, Alice Rajan 3rd accused and Anu Babu 4th accused were Charge Sheeted by the Honorable Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Cochin. Chargesheet no.2003/12 on 23/7/2012. An FIR against Mr. Paul Rajan on 8/11/2013 in Electronic City police station, Bangalore. FIR no 0431/2013 all for abusing his girl children. And complaints lodged with City Police commssioners in Bangalore also existing.
2. Blatant violation of child's rights denying kids education to a peaceful education disrupting exams.
3. Blatant violation of child rights not respecting the testimony and the agony of kids expressing their unwillingness and fear to even meet Paul Rajan.
4.Blatant violation of child's rights denying unwillingness court order following chamber counseling.
5. Violation of child's rights denying the guardianship of the parent (mother whom the kids are with) who admitted the kids to the school and is looking after the day to day welfare of the kids. And the natural guardian of girl children as per High court ruling is the mother. And above all the kids testimony proves it all which is the only ultimate deciding factor by any court of law across the globe.

Myself Veena, a self made independent person. I am not not just a survivor but by all means a thriver of abuse and torture. I work as an Analyst and I have an immense passion for arts and entrepreneurship and do excel in various other fields of interest I pursue and I am proud to be the mother of 3 angels Shruti, Annika & Kiarra.

My fellow earthians, Thank you for bearing with me and having the patience to read through, it's upto you to take it or trash it. I have done my best yet and there is nothing more that I can do.

I also admit publicly through this testimony, that if my kids express their willingness in public or in court to meet or be with their father I would happily let them have their will as their wish is my command. But if that is not the case I will stand for their right till my last breath.

I conclude. Trusting in God the Almighty.... Let his will Be Done.
Impossible Is Just An Illusion Veena Theresa


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,00,000!
At 5,00,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!