Better toilet facilities needed!

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Issues with the toilets

1. Getting locked in or doors not locking at all - need different doors
2. Years 1-5 using the one set of toilets (hygiene issue as well as risk of bullying, plus big kids bumping into little kids) - need options
3. Potential dangers lurking behind the door (strangers or other kids) and the potential risk of harm that could occur behind closed doors.
4. Allergic reactions (so many insects-wasps, mosquitoes etc) what if a child had a reaction to one of these bites how do we get to them. Same scenario for kids with epilepsy, diabetes etc as they could go to the toilet if feeling unwell and have a reaction.
5. No soft closing doors - so the doors could slam, gust of wind could blow them shut causing injury if a child gets fingers/hands in doors!

Some suggested solutions: 

Long term Solutions: another toilet block that differs in style so kids have options

Short term. Cut the bottom of the doors off till the new ones built.