Sony, Let Us Use Our PSN linked Epic Games accounts on Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, XB1

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On June 12, 2018, Epic Games and Nintendo released Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch system. This version is cross-platform compatible with Xbox One, PC, Mac and iOS. However, it isn’t compatible with PS4. 


You can sign into Fortnite using an Epic Games account, and, if you’re an Xbox or PC player, progress your account on any platform - but if you’re Epic Games account was ever linked to a PlayStation 4 system, you cannot sign in to Nintendo Switch or Xbox One using your account.


The reason why this bothers the community: we, the people who have Epic accounts linked to a PlayStation 4 system, cannot use our account that we have progressed on since beggining to play Fortnite on Nintendo Switch or Fortnite on Xbox One. We have to start fresh - losing all of our cosmetics - earned or purchased - while playing on the account.


As far as complete cross play between these systems go, Xbox is in. PC is in. iOS is in. Mac is in. Nintendo Switch is in. The only reason PS4 players can’t join up with Switch and XB1 is, Sony will not allow cross-platform play between these two platforms. This is likely because Sony wants you to buy their system so you can play with your friends. 


Sony, you’re working against your paying costumers - you’re being anti-consumer here. Please let us play cross-platform games with our friends - and our family - on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch systems. Stop being pro-money and start being pro-consumer. If you do, we’d all be very pleased.



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