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Playlist-live Boston

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Supporters in the upper parts of New England like the north east have nothing closer then D.C. to attend, they have it in Orlando and vid con in California that's it,  it would be more spread out if they add Boston because Boston has an amazing event center for it and rarely any tours come to Boston or in the Northeast of New England so it would be more spread and they can even add more Playlists in other places but having it in the same locations isn't really fair and the creators can experience more of a variety and different places! This is not just for a playlist Boston but a playlist in other locations then just D.C. And Orlando because those places aren't that far apart and the rest of the state wants to experience amazing creators as well! Maybe even go international! All areas have supporters that want to attend and see there favorite creators and we just think play list should mix it up a bit and throw in some new options! We are not in any way disrespecting the company or forcing anything we just want to be heard and spread love and equality! Even if playlist live doesn't change it's locations we are also petitioning for some event to come to Boston similar to playlist where all everyone's favorite creators come out!

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