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I believe that Sim Cash is far too expensive and should be lowered to a more reasonable price. For example, instead of twelve Sim Cash for two dollars it should be one thousand for one dollar. Now to a business-prone mind that may seem like losing out but if you think about it it actually makes quite a lot of sense. If you make the prices more reasonable more people will be inclined to purchase Sim Cash. If more people are inclined to buy Sim Cash it will mean more sales, which also means more money.

Letter to
Playfish and EA Games
EA Games
Electronic Arts
We, the players of Social Sims, feel that your Sim Cash is insanely overpriced. We shouldn't be asked to pay two dollars for only twelve Sim Cash, especially when the items in Social Sims cost ten times that much. No one in their right mind would pay twenty dollars for a virtual bed and they shouldn't be asked to. We realize that you are aiming to make a profit off of Social Sims but what you are failing to realize is that you can still make a profit without overpricing your items and currency. We believe that if you lowered your prices on Sim Cash then more people would be inclined to pay it. If more people are inclined to purchase Sim Cash then it will obviously lead to more sales. If it leads to more sales then that will obviously lead to more money for you and your business. So what we are asking, if you haven't figured it out by now, is that you please lower the prices of Sim Cash.


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