PUBG: PLEASE do not go to the WWCD format.

PUBG: PLEASE do not go to the WWCD format.

April 2, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Brady Roberts

This is an open letter to PUBG. 

The new format that you have chosen to move forward with in the future while on the surface may seem new, fun and exciting, (Which, while it may be so at first) goes against the very essence of what so many have been playing, fighting, and grinding for for years.  

I will preface this by saying that I understand your desire for a heavily WWCD based points format for future tournaments.  HOWEVER, this negates a lot of hard work that so many teams put in to winning.  And leaves Soooo much to mere RNG, and zone placement.  As seen in PGIS

Allow me to make an example.  Team A is a less experienced team, not nearly as good as Team B, however they get the lucky zone shifts, and don’t have to move at all the entire game.  Whereas team B has the hard zones, and Fights the entire way to second place, with 23 Kills! Team A gets the Chicken dinner with 1 kill, Getting the points for the game.  While Team B, is left with nothing.  

Currently, with the points system that has been used. Team A would have 11 points, for the win and their Kill.  And Team B would have 23 kill points, and 8 points for 2nd place.  

There is too much evidence that the entire community does NOT support this decision, and will not stand for it. Please, as a long time player, fan, and competitive hopeful DON’T alienate your base.  All you have to do is look at Twitter to see the shitshow that is unfolding.  

ORGs are losing investors over this, teams are already looking at alternate games... And this is just the beginning. 

Listen to us.  Hear what we want. Give us the old points system back.  



P.s. (Also give us old Bootcamp back...) 

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Signatures: 85Next Goal: 100
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