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Remove Buucky from power

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Buucky's abuse of power is clear and his inability to impartially make decisions is obvious to anyone who has seen how he handles almost every situation. He has let personal feelings change how he makes his decisions and has continously proven that he can't handle having the power to control our scene and discords.
Some examples of such abuse of power and hypocrisy even in dealings with other mods perfectly show how power tripped he is. Staying as a caster is fine.

(About @'ing everyone in multiple channels for practice scrims) From Buucky "phlux mate, dunno if you are stupid or doing it on purpose to be a fuckhead, or just genuinely confused"

To Buucky "complete dickhead you're the only one that has a issue not one player has made a complaint they have no issue with it"
From Buucky " rules apply in here too mate, please no insults or abuse. thanks"

In a seperate incident; From Buucky to Phlux about not making a 5 minute call before queing "the reason this thing works and all the other attemtps at queueing lobbies fails is cause this one is run right. if you are gonna be a fuckhead and not do it properly just cause you feel like it then you will removed as mod. do it right or not at all. @Phlux"

As many people who have been in the scene for a while would know, banter in the AUScrims discord is not uncommon and actually has been something that happens almost everyday, and I don't mean genuine shit talk I mean just some mates having some fun in the one discord that everyone in the scene is in. But recently even the slightest amount of "trolling" has turned into a serious offense which can get you muted, and any attempt to talk with him will result in an instant mute for standing up to him.

[MOD] Shetty "This discord is the only represention of the community at this point. @GN_Mitchell#1515"

Buucky "cant @ him cause i kicked him. so fucking simple to not be a dickhead in here and he couldnt do it" 11 - Do not call out, abuse or personally attack other people or teams.

[PLAYER] Tempo "look where we are coming from, we cant talk to other scrim teams in any other discord, this discord has all the teams and players give a player banter text channel. The spam was because there was no other channel to talk in so we all went into div 1"
Buucky "yeah and how did that happen tempo mate? did you put in the time to make that happen? do you put in the hours each week to make it happen?"
[PLAYER] Maz"if there was a banter channel no one would talk in this channel cause thats all it pretty much is"
[PLAYER] Price "tempo could of put the time in if given the oppurtunity its not like people didnt wanna help they just didnt get given the oppurtunity lol dont sit on your high horse when others could of easily did the same im not taking away from you but dont act as if only you could of done it Buucky could have, didnt."
Buucky "could have, didnt."
He then mutes the channel

Buucky "this dicsord is the face of au h1. you are representing your orgs here, not just yourselves. not hard to keep it somewhat reasonable"

[PLAYER] Alex "no org here :peanuts: its not like we're being offensive or racist"
Buucky "and this is why you will be muted again. stupid bullshit that shits up the place"

After several people were muted for putting emotes in the chat, as a joke a few people posted a line of the :Ctrl: emote and were also muted aswell as the channel being muted. Most of the messages were deleted

After talking shit about the number 1 performing AU H1Z1 team (CTRL)( Buucky somehow managed to completely contradict what he said about acting reasonably in our discord.

*In discord*
Buucky "not everyone can handle pressure."
(CTRL) [PLAYER] Delusion " I hate being pressured into things. Thats how i lost my virginity to my dad. All pressure. Couldnt handle it"
Buucky to Delusion " is that why you quit and couldnt bring yourself to play 3 games in a row? too much pressure? turned yellow belly up and tucked your tail between your legs? asking for a friend." then continues "just asking questions, im just a silly caster, not a super cool div 1 player"
[PLAYER] "I already explained why we didnt play. We couldve dropped a codrush and im sure you wouldve loved casting SOME GOOD BIFF lmao. We already established finals is aids im on holidays please dont bother trying to make a point"
Buucky: sorry, just a caster, i dont understand the deep meta."

Full chat logs and examples of him continuing to talk shit to teams after muting the channel.
This is just a few days after telling people to stop acting like "dickheads" because we're representing the community, meanwhile he is acting like this as one of 4 people who control almost every aspect of this community.

Another example of abuse of power is the fact that in the scrims on the 9/12th, The player AllianceColje was incorrectly tagged while filling in for another team and was not removed from the game for having the wrong name. Whilst I have no issues with a player only receiving a warning for having the wrong name, time and time again players have been removed without warning. Just today Bullnizzle was kicked for having the wrong name, IN THE SAME GAME that colje was incorrectly tagged in. Not to say that Colje should have been kicked, but if he isn't getting kicked, then neither should Bullnizzle. In the twitch channels chat after the game, 50_Shades, one of the moderators of the discord, asked "why would he be kicked?" when one of the rules states, that you must be tagged correctly, a rule which has been harshly enforced in previous weeks.

It is quite clear that the majority of the scene is not happy with the way Buucky has handled his power. If the only reason that Buucky is still in power is because he casts and it will make more work for the other admins that is legitimatley unnaceptable as it doesn't matter what good you do with your power if you abuse it.

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