Newday Race Scene: Facilitate the masses, not the few.

Newday Race Scene: Facilitate the masses, not the few.

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Alex 'Sparrow' Gilbert started this petition to Players

Newday's race scene is at a standstill. 

The issues with the current system that we have are as follows.

1 - The majority of racers are reliant on a select few to host races. Of which the players can go days without having one hosted. 

2 - The 'ease-of-access' that is provided by players having access to the app lowers the entry barrier for new racers who don't know tracks, something that is once again reliant on a select few to provide.

3 - Currently, the scene is very much just a turn up, race, chat, leave. There is plenty more than can be done with a race scene, and while things might be going on in the background, the masses are not getting to experience any of the RP that goes along with it. There are people trying to remedy this, but are up against the odds without having access to 'hassle free' racing like most people want.

4 - There are plenty of people who want to run events, race leagues, or even legal stuff such as a legal race scene or a motocross championship which would all benefit from having access to a GPS Checkpoint system available. Teaching people tracks is a hard task to do if you have double digits of participants.

Players live, breath and eat racing (Not just the actual racing part), but they are unable to do that here. At least, not without great struggle. And from a personal stand point, I have seen people basically quit the server due to what they want, being so sparse and limited for them.  Some people aren't into gangs, or partying... some people just want to drive fast and have fun. 

We understand that there are concerns that come along with opening up the gates to racing to the masses, allowing people to take the scene in their own direction. It could cause utter chaos, It could put strain on the PD with the way the app is currently designed, It could crash the server (Because of the app being a pain in the ass). But there has to be something that can be done to lessen the steep uphill battle people have to do to run a scene, or even just race at times. From both the dev's, and the players. 

What benefits does opening up access to the racing app offer? (or an app similar)

1 - Facilitates a ton of people who are looking to run things differently, offering choices for players to make in the racing scene.

2 - Opens up rivalry in the scene, League Vs League, territory battles between leagues. You see a rival league member in the street at a red light? There's a good little interaction to be had there. 

3 - Players no longer have to rely on a select few members of the community to do what they love.

4 - People with limited time in the city due to IRL circumstances have a better chance of enjoying the RP that they want to do. 

This petition will go to the staff once it has reached enough of the community and they have had their say in whether or not they agree. Please share this to all the players you know that have a interest in the racing scene and want to bring some more depth and life to it. 

- Alex 'Sparrow' Gilbert
- Julian 'Voodoo' Franco
- Javier 'Cthulhu' Rodriguez
- Morgan 'Mute' Taylor
- Chick 'Goose' Valentine

0 have signed. Let’s get to 10!
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