Change orb shard to any other reward because the new toram account can be misused

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Dear Asobimo,

I'm sure you really know that there is a "tuyul" in toram, you also have to intervene to see for yourself how tuyul acts. they abuse it to use a new account for free orb and used for Gacha. spina is so easy to get from creating very many new accounts then adding 100 friends to get free orb. after that, when they have reached 100 friends, that means they get 10 free orb. and they use it for gacha. this is very beneficial for RMT players.  one player can usually make hundreds of tuyul every day. I admit, I've misused tuyul and at that time I got more than 200M spina in a day. this makes me tired of playing toram. because every day I play toram, all I have in mind is SPINA and you should know, I made a lot of tuyul. I can buy any items that are in the toram, as expensive as I can easily buy them. this is so bad. I know exactly that many others player has report it to remove tuyul from toram. I also appreciate that asobimo nerfing tuyul many times. i would like to toram support change orb shard to ticket pieces or any other reward that tuyul is not possible to gacha and get spina easily. I know theres asobi market that player can sell spina for real money but black market toram is more cheaper than asobi market spina.