Fix Backouts in Golf Clash!

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Playing tour 11 has become a chore to play if you are anywhere near 5,000 trophies or have any tournament banners.  Often times 4 out of 5 matches will back out on you forcing a 60 second coundown before you can try to play again while waiting for the player to return.  This cycle can mean 10 or 15 minutes to find a match with someone that will play.  Some do it to cherry pick matches so they don't play anyone they don't think they can beat, others do it to manipulate leagues by matching with a friend and swapping wins so they back out anytime a match that comes up isn't who they're looking for.  It can also be used in tournaments to match with someone specific and forfeit a game to them so they gain an easy, unearned, stroke.

A very simple solution would stop this from happening and solve all the problems listed above.  Simply make your opponent unknown until the match has started by eliminating the slot machine animation and just tell us when a match has been found, but not show us who it is.  If the opponent is unknown before the hole loads, then backing out is pointless because you'll lose coins and trophies whether you play or not.