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Play your role, IME Malaysia.

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[UPDATED ON 23/1/18, 1.07AM GMT+8]

Hello to all Wannables that came to Wanna Be Loved Fanmeet in Kuala Lumpur. I would like to point this out that the petition was made for IME to realized how bad the situations that've happened last night. As a fan who was  standing in the rockzone pit, we know everything because we faced it. I felt bad that people who's in other zones had to deal with rockzones dramas. 

Its tea time everybody! IME is the one who's responsible for all these shits. All the rockzones tickets were sold out, and its already overpacked/overcapacity, but they still added around 400 tickets for both rockzones. They were greedy, they gained tons of profits (also not to mention the scalpers!) and they shouldn't do it in the first place. IME should put our safety in the first place and make us feel comfortable enough during the fanmeet. Since the beginning of ticket selling, there were already a few mistakes made by IME.

Also during the fanmeeting, Wanna One Union (a fanbase account from Malaysia) prepared everything for Daehwi's birthday. The cake that was supposed to be on the stage, was replaced with a plain Chocolate Indulgence cake. And the original one wasn't even at backstage (there's a conversation between @LuexoluForever and the MC on twitter, you can find it from @cultdanik thread!)

There will be a few ways to solve this problem which are:

  1. IME Malaysia should refund half of our money since they've made very big profit from this.
  2. IME Malaysia also needs to officially apologize to both Wanna One and Wannables. You need to clear up local fans name because everyone is putting the blame on us. We know that you guys are the one who should be taking all the blames.
  3. IME Malaysia should back out from handling any KPOP concerts in the future.

I know that IME won't compensate and remake the fanmeet since the date of Wanna One's world tour is one step away to be confirmed. So, I hope that IME will do the followings as  stated in the second and third point. 

I hope that everyone could participate and play your role eventhough you were not there at the fanmeeting. We have to prevent this things from happening again in the future. And to IME Malaysia, if you're stumbled across this petition, I hope you don't turned a blind eye regarding to this issue. 

If there's no action, we are not hesitate at all to file a sue on you guys since its not your first time handling such big events/concerts. Thank you, and have a nice day. 

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